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WWE News: Jeff Jarrett praises "Phenomenal" AJ Styles

Jeff Jarrett has praised former TNA man AJ Styles.

News 20 Feb 2017, 11:46 IST
AJ Styles has had a storied career across several promotions

What's the story? 

Former WWE and WCW Superstar and current Impact Wrestling Executive Producer, Jeff Jarrett, was interviewed by The Sun. During the interview, he spoke about being proud of the fact that AJ Styles is having such a big impact in the WWE.

In case you didn’t know...

Jeff Jarrett held the Intercontinental Championship in the then WWF, before leaving the company and becoming a big part in their main rivals WCW. In 2002, he founded TNA wrestling, with his father Jerry, and worked there until leaving in late 2013.

When Anthem Sports purchased the company in 2016, Jarrett was brought back as Executive Producer of the newly re-branded Impact Wrestling. 

AJ Styles is a former TNA Champion. After more than a decade in the company, he decided not to renew his contract and left at the end of 2013. After parting ways with the company, he wrestled around the world, most notably in New Japan Pro Wrestling, before signing with the WWE ahead of the 2016 Royal Rumble.  

He held the WWE Championship from September until he lost it to John Cena at the 2017 Royal Rumble.

The heart of the matter

Styles has become one of the biggest stars in the WWE. He is one of the mainstays of the main event scene on SmackDown Live, and one of the best all round professional wrestlers in the entire WWE.

“AJ is not a spring chicken and is in his late thirties, and pardon the pun, but his style is phenomenal. I’m just happy that he has had the run he’s had. I had nothing to do with his departure (from TNA).  AJ always brought his A game and I’m so happy for him and we’ll see where the future takes them.”

What’s next?

Styles is such a big part of the SmackDown Live roster, there’s no doubt that he will have a big part to play at WrestleMania 33. It has been heavily rumoured that he may be set to face SmackDown Commissioner Shane McMahon on the biggest show of the year.

Jarrett will be looking to push Impact Wrestling into the number two spot, behind WWE. 

Sportskeeda’s take

Reading between the lines, it sounds more than a little bit like Jarrett thought the option to let Styles leave TNA was a seriously bad idea.

However, it’s good to see Jeff Jarrett pass a little bit of praise in the direction of AJ Styles. Styles was pushed as a massive part of the TNA product back when Jarrett was in charge. The way that Jarrett says that he wasn’t part of the company when Styles left tells you that if Jarrett had been in charge, he would have done everything in his power to keep him there. 

Styles has always been a fantastic performer, it’s good to see him finally getting the opportunity to make a big impact in the biggest company in the world.

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