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WWE News: Jim Cornette and Santino Marella have altercation at fan convention

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Jim Cornet

Jim Cornette and Santino Marella must have unfinished business

What's the story?

Jim Cornette and Santino Marella have a history with each other and it isn't a very pleasant one. The two were last in each other's lives when Santino Marella was a student in OVW where Jim Cornette was in charge of the operation.

When the two met once again on Saturday morning at a fan convention in the Detroit's Cobo Center things could have certainly gone better.

In case you didn't know....

During the time Santino Marella and Jim Cornette shared a workplace, there was another man training in the art of pro wrestling named The Boogeyman. If you'd like to know what happened to him you can click here.

What caused the initial contention between Cornette and Marella stemmed from an OVW television taping where Santino wouldn't act like he was afraid of The Boogeyman.

This sent Cornette into a backstage frenzy because Santino didn't sell Boogeyman's terror-inducing presence.

Things got heated between the two and Cornette slapped the taste out of Santino's mouth a couple of times leading to Corney's termination from WWE. That was all she wrote between Jim Cornette and Santino Marella until now.

The heart of the matter

Jim Cornette attended the Legends Of Cobo fan festival on Saturday morning but he wasn't the only one. Santino Marella was there too and apparently old animosities ran thick once more.

While it's unknown what started this incident things certainly got out of control. One brave soul captured a piece of their confrontation on a cell phone video for all to see. We arrive on the scene with Marella and Cornette already speaking quite sternly to one another.

Cornette can be heard calling Santino a joke saying he never had any respect for him to begin with. Jim Cornette said there are witnesses and he's not going to fight him. Then as Jim Cornette goes to walk away and Marella wishes to continue their conversation, Cornette exclaims:

“get the f*ck away from me, I’m trying to walk away from you. Hey, look at this guy! He’s trying to start a fight with me and I’m trying to walk away. Motherf*cker, I don’t have a g*ddamn thing to say…”

Cornette was forced to leave the event due to this ordeal. It was an unfortunate circumstance because he had been plugging this appearance for quite some time on his podcasts.

Cornette said it's the closest to Canda he was legally allowed to go and offered free merchandise to any fan who presented a Canadian driver's license to him.

Jim Cornette was trying to walk away from Santino by the looks of it but Marella kept trying to carry on with the confrontation. The entire situation was pretty loud which should be expected when you have a booming voice like Cornette's.

Although some people might have Jim Cornette's side on this matter, others who witnessed the event saw things a bit differently.

What's next?

Jim Cornette will undoubtedly have a stellar podcast this week if he opens up about this incident. It just goes to show if you leave things in a bad place they're liable to come back in full-force sooner or later.

Author's take

This is the kind of thing you hate to see but it's totally entertaining at the same time. Everyone has disagreements but it should never get this far out of hand.

Both Cornette and Marella have spoken about each other in shoot interview situations so it should come as no surprise they would have something to say if they ever did meet again.

As unfortunate as this situation might be, at least we got another amazing Jim Cornette video out of it. It might not be as good as the "Dairy Queen Incident" but it's a strong competitor for the title.

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