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WWE News: Jim Ross believes Kurt Angle can certainly have a match in the WWE

Ross claimed that he knows Kurt Angle is working hard to battle his health problems.

According to Ross, Angle should have a one-match deal with the WWE

What’s the story?

In a recent interview with PWInsider.com, iconic former WWE commentator Jim Ross spoke about what kind of deal WWE should have with Kurt Angle if they want him to wrestle and also why they possibly considered him for an induction into the Hall of Fame.

In case you didn’t know…

Angle left the WWE more than a decade ago in 2006 after having spent nearly 7 years with the company. He joined Total Nonstop Action Wrestling soon after and worked with them until March last year. During his TNA tenure, Kurt also appeared for New Japan Pro Wrestling every now and then.

Throughout his career as a pro-wrestler, Kurt Angle has dealt with multiple allegations of steroid use. Moreover, he has also been arrested on a few occasions for driving while in an intoxicated state. However, Angle has not only worked towards getting over his issues but, of late, has also helped out others facing a similar predicament.

The heart of the matter

Ross said that he had seen ‘The Wrestling Machine’ perform in England last year and felt that he can definitely have a match with the WWE. The problem, according to him, was if they wanted him to compete for a number of matches because he did not see the money in it. He claimed that a one match deal was perhaps the best way to go about it.

Here’s what ‘Good Ol’ JR’ had to say:

“I saw him in England in October. He had a match and looked great. I can see him having a match here and there. Nobody can debate the fact if Kurt Angle can have a match. Of course he can have a match. The issue is how often do you want to saddle him up and run him back out the track and take him back to the barn and bring him back out.

I just don’t see the money in that. I see a one-off deal at best. And call it a day. He doesn’t owe anybody four more matches or six more matches or anything. I think that he could have a big match if it was made that way, a significant match for WWE. A one-off deal.”

Jim Ross revealed that he has been in touch with Kurt Angle and so he is aware that the superstar is working seriously hard to get himself clean and sober once again. In his opinion, the WWE must have taken his health into consideration before approaching him for an induction into their Hall of Fame.

For the people who are of the view that Angle’s induction was long overdue, Ross said that it may have been the case but the 5-time WWE world champion also took quite a while to put his priorities into place and quit making poor decisions. The WWE Hall of Famer said this:

“Kurt and I communicate like everybody else in this world we live in, by text, or direct message or something. So I know he’s been working very diligently to get clean and sober for quite some time. I think that, I don’t know this, but I would assume WWE made a thorough evaluation of where he was health-wise before they pursued this matter.

And some people say, ‘Well, it’s a long time coming.’ Damn right, it’s a long time coming. But it was a long time for him to get his priorities back together and for him to stop making bad decisions. So thank God he’s doing really well.”

What next?

While there has been no confirmation from either Kurt Angle or the WWE about an in-ring return for the superstar, there are chances that some plans may already be in the works to engage Angle in wrestling action soon.

Sportskeeda’s Take

There have been multiple instances in the past when yesteryear icons have returned to the WWE and competed inside the ring. The most recent example is that of Goldberg, who will be seen in the Royal Rumble match after already having beaten Brock Lesnar at the Survivor Series last year. Therefore, there is no reason why Kurt Angle cannot work a few matches with the WWE before his retirement.

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