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WWE News: Jim Ross comments on Braun Strowman's development and Jeff Jarrett's return to TNA

Ross hopes that Strowman's evolution will help conceal his 'inexperienced selling' skills.

Jim Ross feels Strowman must improve his selling skills

What’s the story?

Jim Ross is considered to be one of the important figures in the world of wrestling. His opinions carry much weight and his assessments of talents are spot on. This makes Jim Ross’ blog one of the must-follow blogs on the Internet for a wrestling fan.

In his latest blog post, Jim Ross commented on the development of “Monster Among Men” Braun Strowman and Jeff Jarrett’s return to TNA.   

In case you didn’t know...

Braun Storman has been improving leaps and bounds ever since he started his singles run after the WWE Draft. His amazing improvement in the last few months has raised many eyebrows and he is soon becoming one of the most important figures in WWE programming on Raw.

Jeff Jarrett returned to TNA recently. His past contribution to the company is well known and his return to the company has created a new-found interest in the company for many wrestling fans. Jeff Jarrett is rumoured to have a managerial role in the company in the near future and is expected to act as a consultant for the new management.

The heart of the matter

Jim Ross expressed his views on the latest occurrences in the world of wrestling in his latest blog. Speaking of Strowman, Ross stated that Strowman is making major headway in becoming a major player in WWE.

Ross also expressed his hope that Strowman’s development will continue along the same vein as it is now and also help mask his inexperienced “selling” skills.

“Hopefully Strowman's evolution with continue to conceal his inexperience especially his 'selling' skill set. WWE has done a good job in separating the big man from the pack and now we will see how he adds to the company's faith in him by getting better each day in some area of his profession."

Speaking of Jarret’s return to TNA, Ross stated that it is a wise move on the part of TNA’s new management. He expressed his confidence in Jarrett by stating that he has many viable projects at play and can be expected to muster the crucial talent development of the company.

He also noted that it is imperative that many promotions become successful and create a healthy competition in the business of wrestling.

“Jeff Jarrett to the new ownership group of Impact Wrestling is good news IMO. Jeff has many viable projects at play and he knows that he has my support. The pro wrestling business needs every viable company that it can muster to be successful and provide each other with much needed competition and crucial, talent development.” 

What’s next?

Last week on Raw, Strowman announced that he will be part of the Royal Rumble match. His entry into the match has created huge expectations and we can expect the WWE to fulfil those expectations. 

To say that Braun is a potential Royal Rumble winner might not be a big mistake. WWE has given the huge monster a huge push and we can expect it to culminate in the main event scene sooner or later. It is also rumoured that a Reigns vs. Strowman program is in the books.

Sportskeeda’s Take

Jim Ross’ assessment of Braun Strowman is right on the money. WWE has heavily protected Strowman and concealed his inexperience satisfactorily until this point. But with Strowman moving into the main event scene, it is almost impossible to conceal his inexperience from the fans.

It would behove Strowman to improve his selling skills as Jim Ross suggested. 

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