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WWE News: Jim Ross on working with World of Sport Wrestling, the new WWE U.K. championship, AJ Styles and more

'Good Ol' JR' wants World of Sport Wrestling stars to idolise AJ Styles.

Jim Ross feels WWE might find it tough to compete with World of Sport Wrestling in the U.K.

Legendary WWE commentator Jim Ross recently commentated for a taping of British television network ITV’s World of Sport Wrestling, which will be aired on New Year’s Eve. Metro.co.uk caught up with Ross and asked him about his latest venture, newly announced WWE U.K. championship and much more.

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About his association with World of Sport Wrestling, he revealed that ITV contacted him and he was impressed with the roster they had assembled and the fact that they were very clear about what they needed. Jim Ross claimed that it was a great day for him despite the magnitude of the shows he has done earlier in his career.

Here’s what ‘Good Ol’ JR’ had to say:

“ITV reached out and they were really on their game. They accumulated a great roster and were very organised with their taping. They had done their homework and knew what they wanted. and I was very honoured that I could contribute. I’ve done a lot of Wrestlemanias and big shows but this was a really great day for me.

I loved to see the passion of the talent, the crew and audience were excited and it was a perfect storm that came together very well. This was one of my favourite days in my wrestling career. It was so refreshing and different.”

Asked for his opinion on the U.K. Championship launched by the WWE, he said that it is unlikely that it was in response to WOS Wrestling but if that is indeed the case, it implies that ITV has latched on to something huge. However, he feels that it was just a natural progression on WWE’s part to tap into perhaps the richest talent hub in the pro-wrestling world at present.

But according to him, irrespective of whether it is the WWE or any other promotion, they will find it difficult to compete with a big name like ITV. This is what Ross was quoted as saying:

“I don’t think it was a response to the World of Sport show but if it was then I think it would solidify the idea that ITV are onto something big, because WWE wouldn’t react unless they thought it was a viable entity – which it is. So I just felt like it was a natural progression.

You’ve got the richest talent base anywhere in the world in Britain right now with a lot of amazing athletic home-grown talents that grew up as wrestling fans. No matter what WWE or anyone else does, to say that you’re going to be able to compete with a powerhouse with the footprint of ITV is going to be very challenging for anyone.”

On who he thought is currently the best pro-wrestler in the world, Jim Ross named AJ Styles as the one because he reminded him of Shawn Michaels in his prime. He also praised Styles’ timing, agility and flair for the dramatic and felt that these qualities made him the best.

“Wow, that’s a tough one. I think the hottest guy right now because he reminds me of a young Shawn Michaels is AJ Styles. AJ is what a lot of guys on World of Sport can aspire to be. His timing, athleticism and flair for the dramatic means he might be the best in the world,” the WWE Hall of Famer told Metro.co.uk.

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