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WWE News: Jim Ross opens up on the Undertaker's rumoured return and Brock Lesnar vs. Jon Jones

Johny Payne
11.50K   //    26 Sep 2017, 21:17 IST

The Undertaker and Jim Ross are close friends in real life.
The Undertaker and Jim Ross are close friends in real life.

What’s the story?

Jim Ross recently replied to fan-mail in the Q&A section of his website, giving his take on a myriad of topics such as the Undertaker’s possible return, Bobby Heenan, Brock Lesnar vs Jon Jones and the difference in the pacing of matches in live events and on TV.

Ross set the record straight regarding the Deadman returning to the sport, asserting that until ‘Taker himself says he’s retired, the door remains open for a comeback.

Additionally, Ross explained that although Bobby Heenan did casually keep up with other professional wrestling promotions during his time with WWE, he wasn’t obsessed with those organizations.

In case you didn’t know…

Jim Ross is widely regarded as one of the greatest professional wrestling announcers of all time.

Good ol’ JR is a highly respected personality and industry insider, who usually has an inside scoop on the who’s who of the pro-wrestling business, and is very close with legends such as the Undertaker in real-life.

The heart of the matter:

Jim Ross answered a fan’s question as to whether or not Bobby Heenan followed other wrestling promotions during his WWE stint; alluding that the latter was more focused on WWE rather than any other company. Besides, on the topics of the Undertaker’s return as well as Brock Lesnar vs Jon Jones in a shoot-fight aka UFC-style matchup in WWE, JR stated:

“This Undertaker matter is really very simple until he says that he's officially finished then he isn’t. Case closed.”

“I'd guess no (Lesnar vs Jones) officially for an MMA fight but yes if it were a traditional WWE production.”

Furthermore, Ross weighed in on the issue of WWE performers working with more freedom in the matches at live events as opposed to their performances in TV and PPV matchups, explaining that time restraints are the main reason behind the aforementioned difference.


What’s next?

As of this time, it’s unclear whether or not the Undertaker intends to return to the sport.

However, a potential Brock Lesnar vs Jon Jones match in the WWE seems to be a realistic possibility given the fact that Jones is likely to receive a lengthy ban from the sport of MMA after his latest steroid test failure earlier this year.

Author’s take

I’ve got to agree with JR here in the sense that the fans need to ease up on the Undertaker and give him time to decide whether he wishes to lace up the boots again.

On the other hand, a potential Lesnar vs Jones match in the WWE — not an MMA bout, mind you— would be what’s best for business, given the fact that both stars are legitimate draws in the world of combat sports.    

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