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WWE News: Jimmy Uso on getting booed after being paired with Roman Reigns

Riju Dasgupta
9.90K   //    26 Feb 2018, 13:15 IST

What made The Usos tap into their dark side?
What made The Usos tap into their dark side?

What's the story?

One half of the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Jimmy Uso was interviewed by recently, and he spoke about The Usos forsaking their fun loving personas, and subsequently going heel. The Usos had an ethnic Samoan look, and were the quintessential babyfaces, before their heel turn.

Jimmy Uso believes that ever since they were paired up with Roman Reigns, the crowd turned on them and the boos stuck with them. We bring you his quote via No DQ.

In case you didn't know...

Long before they set the tag team division on fire on SmackDown Live, The Usos donned war paint indicative of Samoan culture. They were paired with their real life cousin Roman Reigns in 2015 and 2016.

They underwent a complete reboot of their personalities when they were separated from their cousin, and moved over to SmackDown Live. Currently, they hold the SmackDown Tag Team Championships and are having a dream run.

The heart of the matter

Jimmy Uso spoke about why The Usos needed a change in persona, after being separated from Reigns:

"I think that was the people's call - the [fans] called that. When we were with Roman Reigns we were getting booed, but then the boos stayed with us. So, we were like 'Why are we coming out here trying to show our heritage and trying to high-five everybody if they don't like us?' For us it was a case of 'Well, we don't like you, either!" 

He went on to add how the heel turned has helped The Usos:

"Going from something good to something better is hard to do, but while I knew we were climbing, I didn't know we'd get to where we're at now. From the good Usos with the face paint, we were climbing that mountain and we're at the top of the tag team division now - that's just what it is."

What's next?

The Usos and The Bludgeon Brothers have had some interesting run-ins. However, at this point in time, The Usos will collide with The New Day at Fastlane. The SmackDown Tag Team Championship will be on the line.


Author's take

The Usos are far more interesting since going heel. It's a far more real persona, and it lets them really be themselves.

I can't wait for their match with The New Day, because these two teams have truly incredible chemistry.

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