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WWE News: Jinder Mahal responds to title match being decided for SmackDown Live

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Jinder Mahal will defend his title against AJ Styles on the next SmackDown Live

Jinder Mahal will defend his title against AJ Styles on the next SmackDown Live

What's the story?

Shane McMahon announced a match which is to take place on the upcoming SmackDown Live episode between AJ Styles and Jinder Mahal. The match seems like a punishment for Jinder due to his attack on AJ Styles on SmackDown Live.

Jinder took to Twitter to show his displeasure with the decision, replying to the Tweet by Shane. He called Shane out for the disparity in judgement as there had been no repercussions when AJ had attacked him two weeks back.

In case you didn't know.....

After Jinder Mahal issued a challenge to Brock Lesnar for a match at Survivor Series, AJ came out to challenge him. He let Jinder know that he had not beaten all the stars on SmackDown like he had said in his promo and told him he was still left.

Jinder went on to call him a joke, and AJ attacked him, hitting him with a Pelle kick so that Jinder was left with no choice but to leave the ring and beat a hasty retreat.

Th following SmackDown AJ defeated Sunil Singh and was then scheduled to face his brother, Samir Singh on the next SmackDown.

After he had defeated Samir Singh, he was blindsided by 'The Modern Day Maharaja'. Jinder and the Singh Brothers ganged up on him, and Jinder finished it hitting the Khallas.

The heart of the matter

Following the attack, Shane McMahon took to Twitter to announce that the previously scheduled match of AJ Styles against Rusev had been cancelled, and he was to take on Jinder Mahal instead in a title match.

This match was made to punish Jinder for attacking AJ.

Jinder did not take well to this and lashed out on Twitter, by replying to Shane's announcement.

He commented on the unfair nature of decision making on SmackDown, as he had been attacked by AJ two weeks previously, and no action had been taken.

Watch Jinder Mahal attack AJ on SmackDown Live:

What's next?

AJ Styles is set to face Jinder Mahal on the next SmackDown Live, with the WWE Championship at stake. With the title being on the line, just weeks before Survivor Series, this match will decide quite a few things for the pay-per-view.

Author's take

Jinder's point does ring true, but what could be the case is simply that Jinder never gave Shane a chance to take action against Styles attacking him.

He wanted AJ to face Samir and Sunil and Shane accepted. This may just be simple shortsightedness on the part of Jinder.

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