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WWE News: Jinder Mahal talks about his goals in WWE, the Indian national anthem getting booed and more

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Jinder Mahal is the 50th wrestler to win the WWE Championship
Jinder Mahal is the 50th wrestler to win the WWE Championship

What's the story?

Al Arabiya English recently interviewed the WWE Champion Jinder Mahal. 'The Modern day Maharaja' discussed the Indian anthem getting booed on WWE television, his goals since returning to WWE and talked about several other topics.

In case you didn't know...

Jinder Mahal made his WWE debut back in 2011 but he was released from the promotion three years later.

'The Modern day Maharaja' returned to WWE last year in August and within less than a year, successfully won the WWE Championship from Randy Orton.

The heart of the matter

While speaking with Al Arabiya English, Jinder Mahal revealed that his goals were 'low' after he rejoined the promotion last year. He aimed to win the WWE Championship but it happened sooner than Mahal had expected,

"I started writing down my goals as of the new year, and every day I would write down, 'become a champion in WWE.' I was aiming at Intercontinental champion or US Heavyweight champion, but I should have been writing, WWE Champion. Now I write '10-time WWE Champion."

Two weeks ago on Smackdown Live, the WWE Champion celebrated the Indian Independence day, which was subjected to negative responses from the audience. They also booed the Indian national anthem when it was sung and it infuriated many Indian WWE fans. In this regard, Jinder Mahal is of the opinion that the fans in attendance were actually enjoying the moment. He added,

"I think that's the first time that the Indian National Anthem has ever been sung on such a huge platform. I think everyone was very proud that our culture has been shown. I want to make sure that everything we do is authentic, is the real thing. Very few people are offended by it."

What's next?

The first WWE Champion of Indian descent, Jinder Mahal is currently embroiled in a feud with Shinsuke Nakamura. It is expected that the two will face off once again with the title on the line.

Author's take

Jinder Mahal has worked his way to the top of WWE and he deserves this title reign. Credits to him, the Indian culture is getting represented in WWE. It's quite natural that a bad guy will be subjected to negative reactions and booing the national anthem was just a part of that.

I hope Mahal's success rate continues to increase in WWE and he actually becomes the '10-time WWE Champion'.

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