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WWE/Indie News: Joey Ryan reveals why he will not join WWE

4.15K   //    29 Oct 2017, 00:16 IST

Joey Ryan replied to his fans on Twitter about why he might not join WWE anytime soon
Joey Ryan replied to his fans on Twitter about why he might not join WWE anytime soon

What's the story?

Joey Ryan was asked by a number of fans on Twitter, about the possibility of his joining WWE. The Technical Wizard made a series of tweets explaining to his fans why it is extremely unlikely that he will join WWE anytime soon.

In case you didn't know...

Joey Ryan is an independent wrestler who is loved and accepted by fans for his controversial wrestling style. Extremely popular in the independent scene, he is known for his groin related wrestling moves which are definitely unlikely to be accepted in the PG-rated shows of WWE.

A funny and quirky wrestler, many well-known wrestlers have taken the famous bump including the likes of Mick Foley and The Young Bucks.

The heart of the matter

Joey Ryan opened up in a series of tweets on Twitter, as he explained to his fans why he is unlikely to join WWE in the near future.

He talked about the lower income he would get if he moved to WWE, as well as having to uproot his family. He talked about the higher injury rate that WWE has, and how he has been healthy with zero cancellations in the indies in his career.

He also spoke about wanting to be a pioneer in the independent scene than following the herd in WWE, as well as the possibility of being overlooked in WWE. He did not want to depend on someone in WWE Creative to like him as he preferred the independent scene where he had more say in how was booked.


What's next?

Ryan will continue wrestling in the independent scene for a long time if the tweets are anything to go by.

Author's take

Joey Ryan has been one of the more innovative wrestlers in the independent scene and has made wrestling funnier in his own unique way.

While he has more than his fair share of critics, Ryan has set a trend that is changing the way people look at wrestling. Wrestling is going through a boom right now, and athletes like Ryan, Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks are showing that the independent scene is actually a legitimate alternative to WWE.

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