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WWE News: John Morrison accuses WWE of copying Lucha Underground

Was the Cruiserweight Classic a copy of Lucha Underground?

John Morrison during his time with the WWE

Former WWE Star John Morrison, who currently plies his trade in Lucha Underground under the ring name Johnny Mundo, has levelled accusations against his former company suggesting that the WWE has been trying to imitate Lucha Underground with their recently concluded Cruiserweight Classic. 

TJ Perkins was eventually crowned the champion at the end of the Cruiserweight Classic tournament and he is set to defend his title against Brian Kendrick tonight at Raw’s first-ever brand-exclusive pay-per-view Clash of Champions.

In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Morrison had the following to say about Lucha Underground and the WWE. He also added that it is not just his former employers, but also other wrestling promotions that are immitating Lucha Underground.

“We put out the best wrestling available on television, and now we’re seeing WWE try to imitate Lucha Underground with the cruiserweight tournament.

“Other shows are trying to imitate the cinematic-type style we’ve been doing, but imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Wrestling ultimately comes down to what happens when the bell rings, and it comes down to athleticism, storytelling, and characters – and what we’re doing in Lucha Underground is the highest-quality wrestling out there.”

Morrison spent 9 years with the WWE and held many titles during his stint, especially the ECW World Championship. Delving further into the operations of his former employers, Morrison said: “WWE is so huge and they have to crank out so many hours of television, so they don’t have time to take the care and attention to detail for the entire roster. That’s what sets Lucha Underground apart. There is an overflow of shows in wrestling, but no one else invests that much care to each character in the show.”

Morrison also complimented WWE Superstar Cesaro, before adding that the Swiss Superman is currently not able to display his range of skills due to a shortage of air-time available to him.

“Cesaro is phenomenal. I cut my teeth in WWE, so I know their wrestling psychology, but we have the freedom other companies don’t. He’s probably thinking of a dozen things he can do every match that get nixed because there is no time or someone in the office doesn’t understand it, and that doesn’t happen in Lucha Underground.”

The former WWE Tag Team Champion also shared his opinion on the promo cut by The Miz on Talking Smack – where he blasted SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan. The Miz and Morrison were tag-team partners during one of the former WWE Stars’ run as the Tag Team Champion.

“The Miz has his own style and his own technique, and he is very effective. How do you rate his wrestling? Is he an in-ring technician? Does he work similar to the way Bret Hart worked? No, he doesn’t. But out of all the thousands of wrestlers, people want to talk about The Miz, which means people are thinking about him, especially after that promo with Daniel Bryan – which was one of the best promos of Miz’s career. The whole wrestling world took notice, and if you equate wrestling to storytelling, it’s clear The Miz can go.”

Do you agree with Morrison that The Miz’s promo against Daniel Bryan was one of the best of his career? Leave us your thoughts in the comments section.

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