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WWE News: Johnny Gargano hates being asked about main roster, calls NXT the main roster


Johnny Gargano lived up to his 'Johnny TakeOver' nickname by winning the NXT Championship at TakeOver: New York.
Johnny Gargano lived up to his 'Johnny TakeOver' nickname by winning the NXT Championship at TakeOver: New York.

What's the story?

In one of the most emotional moments in NXT history, Johnny Gargano became NXT Champion at TakeOver: New York after a back-and-forth contest with Adam Cole.

After his big win, the new champ spoke with reporter Chris Van Vliet about several things, including how he hates being asked about the main roster and how he considers NXT the main roster. carried transcripts of the interview.

In case you missed it . . .

Ever since both Gargano and Tomasso Ciampa were members of the Cruiserweight Classic, they have been staples in NXT whether in the tag team division or as singles competitors.

After a run as tag team champions, the two men have feuded over the last few years with each man now capturing the NXT Title.

The heart of the matter

With NXT superstars joining the main roster throughout the year, fans and analysts alike always wonder just who will be next.

Some feel that certain NXT superstars are more ready than others, so since Gargano is one of the main faces of the brand, he gets asked about the main roster all of the time.

And with seven call-ups since the new year began, many wonder when it will be Gargano's time to join Raw or SmackDown, even though he feels that he is already on the WWE's main roster.

"I get the question a lot of 'when are you going to the main roster' and I absolutely hate that question," Gargano said. "I hate it so much. I get tweeted that a lot and people say 'I can't wait to see you on the main roster' and I tell them you are seeing me on the main roster. NXT is the main roster.'

NXT TakeOver events have often overshadowed the main roster PPVs that they share a weekend with, so due to that fact, Gargano believes he's already at the top of the WWE.

"I do believe that Raw, Smackdown and NXT are the three brands and I think that people can come from Raw or Smackdown to NXT and I think that people from NXT can go to Raw or Smackdown. It's very interchangeable. Obviously there are different worlds there in people's minds but for me, this is my main roster title. This is my main roster moment. NXT to me is the hottest thing going not just in WWE but all across professional wrestling. I think NXT is the hottest brand in sports entertainment and I'm not just saying that because I am biased, I'm not just saying that because I'm me, I'm saying that because I was at TakeOver. I watched the show. I'd put TakeOvers up against anything in the world."

What's next?

Since he's the new NXT Champion, he'll likely be busy defending that instead of joining Raw or SmackDown during the Superstar Shake Up next week.

The roster is already full enough with stars that aren't getting weekly television time, so for the time being, it's best for him to stay in NXT and keep setting the world on fire with his matches.

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