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WWE News: Jon Bravo releases video, No evidence on Roman Reigns

Pratyay Ghosh
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Jon Bravo's video provides no evidence on Roman Reigns
Jon Bravo's video provides no evidence
Roman Reigns

What's the story?

After weeks of speculation, filmmaker Jon Bravo finally released the video which he had previously claimed would implicate Roman Reigns and 15 other wrestlers in the Richard Rodriguez steroid scandal.

No evidence was presented in the video against Reigns or any other current WWE Superstars.

In case you didn't know...

Richard Rodriguez and his company, Wellness Nutrition Fitness LLC, were implicated for distributing steroids. They allegedly imported goods from China and then manufactured steroids in Arizona before distributing them around Miami.

Jon Bravo had previously stated that his video would implicate Roman Reigns and a number of WWE Superstars and other wrestlers.

The heart of the matter

We'll summarize some of what we learn from the video below.

It had been previously implicated that WWE legend Jesse Ventura was going to be implicated but as it turns out, he had nothing to do with WFN. A trained named Jesse Burdick used the Jesse Ventura alias to order steroids. Bravo also showed photos of Burdick with Cena and Lashley but that's no sort of proof whatsoever.

There was no evidence presented on Roman Reigns because Bravo said he was still waiting for evidence on laptops and mobiles seized by the DEA. Bravo also added that Reigns ordered the steroids under a fake name and "it's impossible to cross reference his orders without seeing the communication that Rodriguez had with him through text messages." Bravo also said something similar regarding Mark Wahlberg, adding that Wahlberg's communications were made through a doctor.

Bravo also suggested one of the big WWE connections was Rick Bassman but his research is clearly flawed. Bassman has never worked for WWE. He trained Cena about 20 years ago and brought Ultimate Warrior and Sting into the business even before that.

Rodriguez had previously claimed that Reigns, Lesnar and Austin had been his clients but no evidence was presented on this. The only evidence presented regarding this was a text from Rodriguez to Chris Bell asking him if he'd had a chance to take to John Cena or The Rock in 2016.

There was evidence presented against Chris Cavallini who trains Jinder Mahal and Sheamus. Rodriguez also alleged that Mahal and Sheamus were "using products" but conveniently didn't provide evidence.


Author's take

A lot of what Jon Bravo is saying seems like pure speculation and joining dots in a way convenient for the narrative he's trying to push.

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