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WWE News: JTG reveals why Triple H was harder to work with than Vince McMahon

JTG also claimed that he wasn't nervous when he met Vince for the first time.

News 16 Mar 2017, 12:59 IST
JTG (left) and Shad Gaspard formed the popular tag team, Cryme Tyme

What’s the story?

Former WWE performer JTG recently appeared in an interview with Hannibal TV where he discussed why Triple H was much more difficult to work with than Vince McMahon and also spoke about his first meeting with the WWE Chairman.

In case you didn’t know…

JTG (real name – Jayson Anthony Paul) is best remembered for being one-half of the tag team, Cryme Tyme, alongside Shad Gaspard. Both he and Gaspard were released from the WWE in 2007 only to make a comeback a few months later. In June 2014, though, the company finally let go of JTG after he was away from in-ring action for several months.

The heart of the matter

In JTG’s opinion, Vince McMahon is always ready to listen whenever anyone wants to speak to him about something and asks people to come back later if he is busy. On the other hand, he claimed from his personal experience that Triple H seemed to be avoiding him on most occasions. Here’s what the 32-year old said:

“What I mean by that is that Vince always has his door open. If you have an idea, suggestion, if you want to talk to him about something, his door is always open. If he's busy he'll just say 'come back later.'

With Hunter it feels like, from my experience, he was avoiding me.”

Speaking about his first meeting with McMahon, JTG revealed that he wasn’t nervous and could make out that the WWE Chairman was genuinely happy to have them on his roster. According to him, Vince was impressed by his and Shad Gaspard’s vignettes and dark matches. He told Hannibal TV this:

“When I finally met Vince, I wasn't nervous for some reason. He made some promises. He was very excited to see us and was glad to have us on the roster.

I could see it was very authentic that he was happy to have us on the roster. He saw the vignettes and our dark matches and he was very impressed with them.”

What next?

Ever since he was released by the WWE, JTG has been making appearances on the independent circuit. However, a return to the company looks highly unlikely for the Brooklyn-born wrestler.

Author’s Take

Although Triple H’s approach towards handling WWE affairs may not be similar to that of Vince McMahon, he certainly seems to be taking the business in the right direction at present.

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