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WWE News: Kairi Sane names new submission finisher

Daniel Wood
2.18K   //    29 Apr 2018, 19:11 IST

What is Kairi Sane calling her new submission finishing move?
What is Kairi Sane calling her new submission finishing move?

What's the story?

Kairi Sane is perhaps best known for her incredible elbow drop finishing move but at recent WWE NXT house shows she's taken a departure from using that as her finishing move and has started using a submission finisher to put her opponents away, but what does she call it?

In case you didn't know...

Kairi Sane's Insane Elbow finishing move is truly something to behold, purely because of the sheer height and elevation she gets on her patented elbow drop. However, it seems that she's having to limit the number of times she uses it due to a recent injury that took her out of NXT for a few months

The heart of the matter

Since she's returned from injury the winner of the Mae Young Classic has teamed up with fellow popular female wrestler Candice LeRae a couple of times and has also debuted a new submission finishing move to replace the Insane Elbow

As you can see it's a modified leg-lock/Boston Crab thing and it looks painful as well. Kairi calls it the Anchor, but personally, I would have gone for Captain's Hook. However, Anchor is fine.

What's next?

After winning the Mae Young Classic many people, myself included, thought a rocket would be strapped to Sane in NXT and she'd be NXT Women's Champion fairly quickly. However, that hasn't happened and now Kairi seems to be in the process of rebuilding in the women's division led by Shayna Baszler.

Author's take

As much as I do love the Insane Elbow I'm a big fan of Kairi introducing an alternative finishing move that will be less taxing physically on her body and potentially prolong her in-ring career. It's also going to make the Elbow Drop more impactful when she does use it.

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