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WWE News: Kaitlyn comments on coming clean off her addiction issues

Soumik Datta
1.58K   //    25 Oct 2017, 22:00 IST

Kaitlyn as the WWE Divas Champion
Kaitlyn as the WWE Divas Champion

What’s the story?

Former WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn aka Celeste Bonin, took to her official Instagram account earlier today and commented regarding her addiction issues.

Kaitlyn stated in her Instagram post that it took her almost over a year but now she is finally clean and has been rebuilding her life in the right process ever since.

It's been one year since I checked myself into the hospital for a medical drug detox. (I took this picture in the airport bathroom after flying into LAX.I felt so awful and disgusted with myself but I remember posting it on Instagram with some stupid caption about being happy. I was actually on the last days of the medicine to help me detox and was in a super fucked up place mentally and physically). Over the past few years I was in a terrible marriage, an addict and not true to myself. It took me so long to admit I had a problem... and then to admit how serious the problem was. I used to pretend to be and to live a certain way for social media. It's everyone's hi-light reel. I remember getting out of the hospital feeling like death, with a medical taper plan of meds and thinking "what have I done to myself?". I celebrated my 30th birthday 5 days later and I remember wanting to die. If you've ever gone through serious drug detox, you know that you basically go through two detoxes. One from the initial drug(s) and then another one from the medicine used to help you detox. A lot of people get hooked on the medicine and remain addicts. For me, I started abusing alcohol to deal with the chemical imbalances, panic attacks and sadness/depression I was experiencing. If you know me, you know I had never done a drug in my life leading up to this (besides smoking weed once or twice and freaking the fuck out.) It's so crazy. You can have the world at your fingertips but end up destroying yourself if you're not careful. I'm fortunate enough to have pulled myself out of it all and was able rebuild my life ...but I can seriously empathize with anyone who is, has been, or has a tendency to be an addict (we're all addicted to something). But it's about self awareness and humility. Never be too proud to ask for help. Be able to wake up and look at yourself in the mirror. Tag someone who needs to read this. #addiction

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In case you didn’t know…

Kaitlyn is a former WWE Divas Champion, who first signed with Vince McMahon’s company back in 2010. She is also the winner of season 3 of NXT and had one of the most formidable Divas Title runs of all time.

Kaitlyn first won the Divas Title in 2013 and went on to hold it for a total of 153 days, before losing it to AJ Lee, with whom she had one of the most historic rivalries in the recent WWE memory.

In 2014, Kaitlyn decided to terminate her WWE contract and walked away from WWE, and claimed that she would consider herself retired from the wrestling business.

The heart of the matter

Earlier this week, Kaitlyn decided to post a photo of herself on Instagram and stated her opinions regarding her addiction issues. In her Instagram post, Kaitlyn claimed that it has been almost one year since she checked herself into the hospital in order to come clean off her drug issues.


The former Divas Champion also admitted that she was an addict and was in a terrible marriage with her husband over the past few years. However, she also claimed that in order to get clean she had to go through a lot and felt like death on the inside.

Kaitlyn went on to end her statement by stating that she has been fortunate enough to get herself out of this terrible situation and has also been able to rebuild her life. She also sent an inspiring message to other people by stating that one should never be too proud to ask for help if they are going through the same situation in life.

What’s next?

As for Kaitlyn, she is currently enjoying life and is focusing on her clothing brand. However, earlier this year there was a rumour that speculated, that the former Divas Champion might return to WWE after it was revealed that WWE is indeed interested in bringing her back.

She has also been spotted backstage at various WWE shows, clicking pictures with her former WWE colleagues.

Author’s Take

In my opinion, it is great to see Kaitlyn turning her life around and coming clean from her addiction problems. She is also an inspiration to a lot of people around the world who are struggling with drug-related issues in life.

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