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WWE News: Kane reveals if he beat Brock Lesnar in an arm wrestling match

Riju Dasgupta
3.83K   //    24 Aug 2017, 22:13 IST

The urban legend was finally laid to rest
The urban legend was finally laid to rest

What's the story?

When you're a character as enigmatic as Kane, in a business as private as sports entertainment, rumours are bound to emerge. One of the most enduring rumours about Kane is how he once beat WWE Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar, in an arm wrestling contest.

Kane appeared on the Jim Ross podcast recently and addressed the alleged contest. According to him, it never happened.

In case you didn't know...

It seems like Brock Lesnar first started these rumours, by mentioning arm wrestling contests that used to take place in the back, where Superstars would compete to impress the spectators, the divas.

According to Lesnar, he ran through every single one of the guys in the back, even Big Show. However, it was Kane who thwarted Lesnar, who, in turn, described arm wrestling Kane, as trying to push down a tree with one arm.

The heart of the matter

Kane told us the real story (H/T Wrestling Inc.):

Years and years ago, Brock and I were at the gym at the same time and we were throwing around some serious weight. And we didn't really have a weightlifting challenge, but we were throwing around some serious weight. Brock was impressed and he gets on it and we were matching each other pretty well. But yeah, I've heard that story and it [has] morphed into various incarnations, so yeah, no, there was never an arm wrestling match because mine is still intact, so there you go.

Sorry to disappoint you guys. Looks like there never was an arm wrestling contest.

What's next?

While Brock Lesnar defends the WWE Universal Championship against Braun Strowman at No Mercy, Kane's aspirations are focused towards the political sphere. Neither is too focused on arm wrestling right now.

Author's take

I choose to believe Kane here. Myths and legends are born all the time in WWE, because of these larger than life stars, and more often than not, they get squashed.

I guess we'll never know who'll actually win an arm wrestling contest, between these two power houses.

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