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WWE News: Ken Shamrock upset at not being invited to RAW Reunion

Greg Bush
2.72K   //    13 Sep 2019, 11:12 IST

While Raw celebrated with a huge list of legends, Shamrock felt the company had turned their backs on him
While Raw celebrated with a huge list of legends, Shamrock felt the company had turned their backs on him

RAW Reunion brought back dozens of iconic legends

Earlier this summer, WWE celebrated the RAW Reunion, bringing back all sorts of legends to entertain the WWE Universe. D-Generation X, Razor Ramon, Mark Henry, The Hurricane, Ric Flair and more filled the screen, bringing in wave after wave of cherished memories to those watching at home and in the arena.

Even 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin made an appearance, working with Flair and the iconic Hulk Hogan to toast Monday Night RAW.

Yes, it was a great night filled with stars past and present. However, there were a few performers who were quite conspicuous by their absence. We had Christian return, but his fellow three-second pose partner Edge was nowhere to be found. D-Von Dudley was there, but Bubba hadn't shown up. In fact, some of the greatest legends of the Attitude Era had arrived, minus a certain King of the Ring winner.

Ken Shamrock wasn't invited to RAW Reunion

Ken Shamrock has appeared in a few WWE video games since his departure from the company in 1999, including WWE '13 and WWE 2K16. However, aside from virtual appearances, he has seemingly been forced out of WWE completely, and that includes any possible invites to reunion shows.

In an interview with Chris Van Vliet, Shamrock delved into his relationship with the company, or lack thereof.

"I don't know if there is a relationship. I know I was there and I know that I was able to be part of something special. I just don't know if there was ever a relationship because even after I left, it almost felt like I was the black sheep. Once I left [I was] never mentioned again. No credit given, no highlights or anything shown. Nobody speaks of it. I don't know, it's just weird, it's just gone."

Shamrock felt unwanted by the company, and after not receiving an invite to the RAW Reunion, felt that he was unwelcome in a company he called home two decades ago.

"Even when they did this Raw reunion and these other reunions, it's like why wouldn't I have been there? I don't understand that. I don't know who I pissed off or what kind of bridges were blown up. I thought I did everything on a very professional level."

With someone who was so vital to the storylines of D-Generation X, the Nation of Domination, and the Corporation, it is kind of surprising that Ken Shamrock hasn't been asked to return to the company for some one-off appearances. Hopefully, they'll be able to work something out soon, especially with the former Intercontinental Champion getting back into in-ring shape.

Thanks to Chris Van Vliet for the quotes above. If you'd like to hear more from Ken Shamrock's interview, please tune into the video below.

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