WWE News: Kenny Dykstra reveals the nature of Spirit Squad's deal with WWE last year

Spirit Squad had made a temporary return to WWE last year
Spirit Squad had made a temporary return to WWE last year
Modified 27 Oct 2017

What's the story?

Kenny Dykstra, former member of the Spirit Squad, appeared on the List and Ya Boy podcast (H/T and talked about the nature of the deal that Spirit Squad had with WWE for their appearances last year.

There was no contract between them and WWE, and instead, their appearances were based on a handshake deal with the company.

In case you didn't know...

Kenny and Mikey of the Spirit Squad were recalled by the WWE for a feud with The Miz and Dolph Ziggler. They sided with The Miz against their former Spirit Squad colleague and tried to help him to defeat Ziggler.

They stayed on after that for a while and competed for the WWE Tag Team titles as well. In a six-man tag team match, they were part of the winning team against Dolph Ziggler, Heath Slater and Rhyno. They disappeared off television again after November and were not seen in WWE again.

The heart of the matter

Kenny Dykstra revealed that when he and Mike Mondo were working for the WWE, they were not bound by any contract and the entire agreement was on a handshake basis. He talked about how he had been called by Mark Carrano, the Senior Director of Talent Relations, and asked to be on SmackDown Live the following week.

He also revealed that the original plan was only for them to come back for a week, but when Vince McMahon liked it they kept getting called back again and again.

"Originally, they said ‘We’re going to bring you in for one week.’ That was it. Just that one SmackDown. We did it and Vince liked it and he came up to me afterwards and said, ‘I’ll see you at the pay-per-view at No Mercy.’"

He also talked about what it meant to them as he realised that WWE was trusting them. He recalled referee Mike Chioda telling them how this had never happened before. Not only did they go over the tag team champions in a non-title match, they were allowed to speak as well and given the mic, while not under contract.

“Mike Chioda was saying, ‘This has never been done before. They put you guys over on the tag team champions in a non-title match. You’re not even under contract. They’re giving you a live microphone out there. They trust you guys, in a way.’"

What's next?

The Spirit Squad appeared on Ring of Honour and House of Hardcore following their run in WWE.

While it looks like they may be done with WWE for now, but with Ziggler floundering in search of a gimmick, they may be back in WWE sooner than later.

Author's take

The Spirit Squad had one of the silliest gimmicks in WWE and somehow managed to make it work. Whether they will be back or not is another matter, but this interview reveals the amount of faith that Vince McMahon placed on these two. Giving the mic to someone not under contract is always dangerous as they could decide to shoot at any given moment.

Given the sort of trust WWE creative seems to have developed for the Spirit Squad, they may not be totally gone from WWE.

Published 27 Oct 2017, 00:33 IST
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