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WWE News: Kevin Nash donates brain for CTE research

Nash had made the decision to donate his brain about six or seven years ago.

Kevin Nash has decided to donate his brain for CTE research when he passes away

What’s the Story?

WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash has decided to donate his brain and spinal cord to CTE research after his death, according to a report by ESPN. He will donate his brain to the CTE Center at Boston University and the Concussion Legacy Foundation run by former WWE wrestler Chris Nowinski.

Kevin Nash had this to say regarding the donation:

“Cris Nowinski started the program, and I’ve had several concussions throughout my life and had scans done and stuff and knew that somewhere down the line, I’ve alread had short-term memory problems. I decided to go ahead. The only way you can diagnose this is after you’re dead.”

Nash continued, as he discussed his donation of his spinal cord:

“I went ahead and gave my spinal cord and my brain to the study, and I carry a card in my wallet that my brain and spine goes to them. It’s in my will. Of course, my wife’s aware of it.” 

In case you didn’t know...

According to the report, Nash states that he made the decision to donate his brain about six or seven years ago and has been working with the centre at Boston University. He stated that during the scanning of his brain, they noticed that there was an abnormality but there hasn’t been any evidence of any brain shrinkage. 

The heart of the matter

Former WWE Superstar Chris Nowinski has taken the right steps in order to help ex-athletes suffering from CTE

Chris Nowinski, a former WWE superstar, began the idea to check for brain abnormality after he suffered a concussion of his own. When he began his foundation, he stated that he knew Kevin Nash was one of the people who really supported what the idea of beginning the foundation, which Nash later shared regarding his brain trauma during the interview.

What next?

Kevin Nash stated that the WWE has done a lot of good to take preventive measures and concussion protocol for it to become stronger, and also stated that he believes the WWE has the best concussion protocol out there.

Sportskeeda’s take

The WWE and Kevin Nash are really taking concussions seriously now. After seeing the drastic affect it has over athletes who have come and gone at a young age, or with what happened with Chris Benoit, nothing is to be taken for granted. Kevin Nash has selflessly done the right thing in order to make the WWE and the future of professional wrestling, a bright one. 

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