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WWE News: Kevin Nash reveals origins of nWo catchphrases, talks West Coast rap, Tupac

Johny Payne
2.08K   //    16 May 2018, 02:26 IST

Kevin Nash on the nWo, West Coast rap and Tupac Shakur
Kevin Nash on the nWo, West Coast rap, and Tupac Shakur

What’s the story?

On an edition of the Two Man Power Trip Of Wrestling, Kevin Nash opened up on a myriad of topics.

Nash revealed the origins of the nWo catchphrases, while also speaking about West Coast rap and drawing style-inspiration from hip-hop icon Tupac Shakur.

In case you didn’t know…

The nWo is regarded as one of the most influential professional wrestling stables of all time.

Originally featuring Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall, the nWo became notorious for their catchphrases as well as their 'Too Sweet' hand gesture.

Some of the nWo’s notable catchphrases include—“Once you jump in nWo, you’re nWo for life”; “Don’t turn your back on the Wolfpac”; “Hey yo”, catchphrases that are till date considered some of the most beloved in the pro-wrestling world.

The heart of the matter

Kevin Nash elucidated that when he and Scott Hall first met, the latter was sort of a country boy, whereas Nash was born in Detroit and was a Motown guy.

Furthermore, Nash explained how several nWo catchphrases drew inspiration from West Coast rap, besides also speaking about Tupac—

“Once West Coast rap got really hot and especially Death Row it was we began listening to Death Row a lot in the car and there was this old Mack 10 song and in this Mack 10 song they rob a McDonald’s and one dude says to the other dude in the car that he’d been wanting to do that for two years and the other guys says that he’d been wanting to do that ‘for life’. So that is where we got that.”

“Most of our catch phrases and those things we did we got from West Coast rap. Immediately, I remember I put my headband on backwards like 2 Pac—here is a thirty five year old white guy with his headband on backwards but it worked.”


What’s next?

Kevin Nash is presently signed to a Legends contract with the WWE, and makes sporadic appearances at professional wrestling events.

Meanwhile, experts note that the nWo has led to the formation of several similar groups, most prominent amongst them being Bullet Club, who claim to have drawn inspiration from the nWo.

Author’s take

It’s awesome to hear Kevin Nash narrate the nWo’s history—thrills, notoriety, and edginess galore.

The nWo will forever live on in the fans’ memories and, has undoubtedly gone down as one of the greatest stables in pro-wrestling history.

Besides, if someone could pull off a Tupac-style headband, it’s none other than the pro-wrestling's resident style-icon Kevin Nash.  

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