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WWE News: Kevin Nash sees similarities between Roman Reigns and himself

Kevin Nash opens up on the similarities between himself and The Big Dog.

Both polarising figures of their time.

Roman Reigns is WWE’s most polarising figure today. He was often, and still is compared to John Cena due to the superman booking he receives and how overprotected he is. However, the difference now is that Cena has been gradually gaining the respect of fans. This could perhaps be due to the fact that he has willingly stepped away from the long-term main event scene for the past couple of years. Cena has also transitioned into a different role and has also been putting more top stars over. 

Roman Reigns is in a funny position himself. Since Royal Rumble 2015, Reigns has been consistently booed by the fans and rejected. It has been more so earlier this year after his renewed Wrestlemania push which not many fans wanted to see. But ultimately, it was not his choice as it was Vince McMahon and WWE officials who decided that they wanted to push Reigns. 

In June, Reigns got suspended for violating WWE’ s Wellness Policy, and since then, his main event push seems to have gone down the drain. He got pushed down the midcard and has been in a feud with Rusev since July. Last night he defeated Rusev and became the new United States Champion. This definitely means that he will be in the midcard for a while. 

One person who feels he can relate to Reigns is WWE Hall Of Famer Kevin Nash. He was given a huge push early on in his career from 1994 itself and had a reign that just fell short of a full year. Nash was with fellow Hall Of Famer Scott Hall recently in Legends with JBL and gave his take on seeing similarities between him and Reigns:

“I’ve lived through it. I went to the Royal Rumble in Providence and threw 11 guys out in a row, and they chanted ‘Diesel’ for the first time. And then, they go with you, and as soon as you’re anointed and they know that you’re the office’s choice, all bets are off because now you’re getting a push.”

However, one major difference between the two is that Nash was not a very good in-ring worker, but he had strong mic skills, whereas Reigns has proven to be a solid in-ring worker but has gotten criticised for his mic skills or lack thereof. Perhaps in some years fans will start warming up to Reigns as they have with Cena.

The full Legends with JBL interview with Kevin Nash & Scott Hall can be seen on the WWE Network.

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