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WWE News: Kevin Owens believes Eddie Edwards should be in WWE

Kevin Owens gives a special mention to his good friend, who he believes should join him in WWE

Kevin Owens and Eddie Edwards facing off at Ring Of Honor

Kevin Owens was recently crowned the WWE Universal Champion, meaning that he is the top guy on the Monday Night Raw brand. He is set to face Seth Rollins in the main event of Clash Of Champions, the first  Raw-exclusive pay-per-view since the second rendition of the brand split. Owens recently spoke with SI.com about a TNA star he believes should be in WWE, his Universal Championship victory, and his WWE run

In the interview, Owens made a special mention to his former Ring Of Honor colleague and friend Eddie Edwards, a TNA star, who he believes should be in WWE:

"Eddie Edwards is amazing. I think he should be here, and I truly hope one day he gets here. I know he had a tryout here once, and I’m not sure why it didn’t work out, but I feel like today would be very a different story. Hopefully, he makes his way here.” 

Owens also revealed his intention to becoming the greatest World Champion in WWE history. He said that he was well aware that he was going to win the Universal Championship after Finn Balor vacated the title.

It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. I’m sure some people might disagree, but they’re wrong, so it’s all good. I work with goals. I wanted to sign with WWE, I did. I wanted to make an impact with NXT, I did. I wanted the NXT title, the Intercontinental title, WrestleMania, and now it’s the Universal title.

Owens said that he had wished to be drafted to Raw back in July leading up to the brand split. He also believes that the Universal Championship is on the same level as the WWE World Championship, and also believes he will win the latter at some point in his career.

I wanted to be on Raw, so I’m happy to be there, regardless of where the world title is,” said Owens. “If I’m on Smackdown, of course, I’m going for the world title – I’m sure, with time, I’ll have a chance with that one, too – but the Universal title is already on the same level as the world title. That Universal title, to me, means just as much.

Eddie Edwards is a tremendous talent who has had a great career so far and there is no doubt he will one day be in WWE.

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