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WWE News: Kevin Owens explains why he quit and why he came back on Raw

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Kevin Owens had a lot to say about why he did what he did!
Kevin Owens had a lot to say about why he did what he did!

What's the story?

Kevin Owens appeared on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw, where he took on Tyler Breeze in a singles match. After a brutal powerbomb on the ring apron, the match was stopped. The bout never had a chance to start, and Owens took to the ring with a mike to address the WWE Universe about his actions over the past few weeks in WWE.

In case you didn't know...

Two weeks ago, Kevin Owens 'quit' WWE Raw after losing a match against Seth Rollins in the ring. The bout was an impressive one, but unfortunately for him, Owens was not able to hit the critical move which would allow him to win.

The WWE Universe was left buzzing after his announcement, saying he 'quit' wondering when they would see him again. They did not have to wonder for too long, as he returned the very next week, attacking Bobby Lashley during a segment with Jinder Mahal, before attacking the Shield after the main event of the night.

While everyone was puzzled over Owens suddenly leaving Raw and then returning and helping a team that included Braun Strowman, they received the answers that they were waiting for earlier this year.

The heart of the matter

Kevin Owens explained his actions while Tyler Breeze was being attended to ringside by the officials. He said that he had come back last week, because the acting General Manager, Baron Corbin, had called him up immediately after he quit and asked him to come back to Raw. Owens had agreed under the condition that he would not be held liable to what he did to his opponents.

Owens said that he had carte blanche on what he could do on Raw now, and then talked about why he attacked Shield. He said that the only reason for the assault was that the Shield made him 'sick'. He then went on to say that one of the major reasons he had quit in the first place was due to Bobby Lashley. Lashley had injured his friend Sami Zayn, and thus he had attacked him immediately upon his return.

What's next?

The entire segment explained one of the more baffling questions from Raw last week, and it also set up a future feud between Kevin Owens and Bobby Lashley. Owens appeared much more vicious than he had done in the last few months.

What did you think of Owens' savage persona on Raw? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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