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WWE News: Kevin Owens' return period officially announced, character change teased

Rohit Nath
3.55K   //    12 Feb 2019, 08:45 IST

Kevin Owens' return has been announced for over a couple of months now. To some extent, the promos of his return somewhat reminded people of Emmalina, which turned out to be a running joke amongst WWE backstage officials.

However, WWE actually showed a promo of Kevin Owens in a day of his regular life. He was out bowling with his family and began talking about his pending WWE return and how he saw other superstars chasing his dreams and doing what he does best.

He mentioned that his return date will be a month from now. This probably means that it could be at any given point in March, and not exactly a month. Either way, he mentioned that he's in the dark about which brand he will be returning to, as the McMahon family hasn't informed him whether he'll be appearing on RAW or SmackDown Live.

However, one of the most interesting things that we noticed was that Kevin Owens didn't act like his usual character on television. In fact, he seemed like a complete babyface in the promo, talking soft and showing us a glimpse into his life as he spent time with his family.

He would then proceed to bowl a gutter ball. This likely means that Kevin Owens could return in time for WrestleMania. However, it seems unlikely that he'll be in a marquee match like the past few years.

That likely means that he's going to be in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. If he does, there's no other superstar who should be winning it (not that it's a big career-booster anyway).

Either way, it's going to be exciting to have Owens back in programming, as he was always one of the most consistently entertaining parts of WWE, whichever brand he was on.

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