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WWE News: Kevin Owens reveals what happened backstage after his WWE Universal Championship victory

Kevin Owens told Vince he wouldn't regret the decision

Kevin Owens thanked Triple H for putting his faith in him

Kevin Owens took the WWE Universe by storm when he became the new WWE Universal Champion. Assisted by Triple H, Owens defeated the likes of Big Cass, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins to become the champ. Amidst chants of “You deserve it”, Owens held aloft the Universal title.

The champ recently spoke to SLAM Sports Wrestling to promote the sale of WWE Survivor Series tickets. Owens shed light on a number of issues such as what the title meant to him, his reactions on winning the title and about the people who greeted him after the victory.

Owens said that the Championship meant a lot to him. He likened the Universal title to the same title that Shawn Michaels or Steve Austin held. He said that it was really hard to put into words how that moment felt. 

“That title is as big as anything I've achieved in wrestling”

He said that he would hold on to the title and make the title more prestigious than it already is.

About his family, Owens said that his parents always supported his decision to be a wrestler ever since he was 12 years old. Instead of telling him to find something more safe and secure to do, they pushed him as hard as they could.

Owens spoke highly of his wife and children as well. He said that his wife supported him through the ups and downs and never doubted his abilities. His kids too had to put up with their dad being gone a lot. He said that his kids understood the sacrifices that were needed for the business and respected that. Owens said:

“Without them, I just wouldn't be here."

Owens said that he also remembered both his grandfathers since they were both really big wrestling fans. 

Owens revealed that a few people greeted him after his win on RAW. He said, "There were a couple of people. The first one, I don't want to just say who it is(Sami Zayn), but I think people can figure it out. It was very emotional because in a lot of ways, we both achieved this. I don't know how to describe that. It's our title, in a way, if that makes any sense."

He said that he relished the opportunity to tell Vince that the WWE Chairman would not regret his decision to go with Owens. Owens said that he was ecstatic when Vince replied that he was sure that he wouldn’t regret it.

Owens also mentioned Jimmy Jacobs who had witnessed his journey from the very beginning and supported him right through it all. He also thanked Triple H because without him, Owens revealed that he wouldn’t have been in the WWE.

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