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WWE News: Kevin Owens shoots on an old fan at ringside during a WWE Live Event

Owens is a heel who is not afraid to hit below the belt, especially if it is a fan.

Kevin Owens proves why we all love to hate him

Kevin Owens is a rare gem in this era. His heel antics are just wonderful and he has earned the name of “The Best Heel of this Generation” both in and out of the ring. But it looks like Kevin Owens has no qualms about going after even old men to generate the heat he needs.

During a recent Live Event, Kevin Ownes ripped an old man at the ringside with some really dirty heel tactics. He went after the old man, who was apparently a Roman Reigns fan, to generate the heat he needed. Kevin said that after he beats Roman Reigns, the WWE will finally have a US Champion they can be proud of.

While this a general heel tactic to yell at the crowd or a particular onlooker, Kevin just went a step further ahead and ripped the old man. He stated the following and proved that why he is a heel, we all love to hate.

But you'll be dead in about 5 Years so you won't have to worry about it

That is undoubtedly something only a true heel could say to an old fan at ringside. Kevin Owens is someone who is not afraid to cross the PG limits set by the company when he deems that the situation demands it.

Though we don’t know what the old man said to push Owens to this extent, it is just refreshing to see that the trash talking of the Attitude Era is still in modern wrestlers.

The program between Kevin Owens and Roman Reigns has been a mixed success due to the polarity of the WWE Universe. Many fans refuse to accept Roman as a face and openly cheer Kevin Owens. It is understandable that Owens jumps at every opportunity to make him as detestable as possible to garner the much-needed heat on himself.

If WWE could relax its PG standards, the fans will witness a lot of such antics from the current crop of Superstars who have honed their skills from the independent scene where almost nothing is off-limits.

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