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WWE News: Kevin Owens says Roman Reigns creates a special atmosphere

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What does The Prizefighter think about The Big Dog's fan reaction?

What's the story

WWE really wants their fan base to accept Roman Reigns as the face of the company. Reigns is gradually winning over the fanbase and continues to prove his critics wrong, but he still gets a mixed reaction. Kevin Owens recently spoke to ESPN about the response The Big Dog receives and admits it is something that even he is striving for.

In case you didn't know...

Roman Reigns was earmarked for greatness in WWE from the moment he stepped into NXT, but modern-day fans often reject any Superstar who doesn't possess the characteristics they look for in a top babyface.

On any given night Reigns could be booed and cheered at the same time with any variety of percentages. But no matter if people are loving him or giving Roman Reigns heat, the point is everyone usually has some kind of reaction to The Big Dog.

The heart of the matter

Kevin Owens recently spoke to ESPN, where he was asked about Roman Reigns' varying popularity. Owens put Roman Reigns over for having a John Cena-like reaction from the fans and remarked that Reigns' presence brings a special atmosphere which is what he wants to do in his own career.

"Whether it's one way or another or a mix of both, I feel like those kinds of reactions are the most interesting. The kind of reactions Roman Reigns elicits. The kind of reactions John Cena elicits. They're the strongest because you can almost have crowds competing with themselves. People cheering 'em, people booing 'em, people trying to be heard louder than the people next to them.That creates for this really special atmosphere. That's what I'm striving to, that's what I'm hoping to get one day."

Owens also admitted that the people would always cheer him, even if he played a heel. But KO said it's fine when people boo him because as long as there's some kind of reaction it's a win in The Prizefighter's book.

What's next?

As the years go on hopefully, they'll be good to both Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens. Reigns will probably have a lengthy run at the top of WWE and headline more than a few WrestleManias in the process.

Author's take

Roman Reigns is a very special entertainer which is evident by how much attention WWE gives him. They have faith in The Big Dog to perform and someday carry the company. As time goes on, Reigns is beginning to display that he is up for that task.

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