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WWE News: Kevin Owens wins ladder match, forcing Shane McMahon to quit WWE

Published 05 Oct 2019, 07:46 IST
05 Oct 2019, 07:46 IST

Someone got fired!
Someone got fired!

After months and months of back-and-forth between Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon, the ladder match to essentially end the feud took place during SmackDown's debut episode on FOX.

Both men were used to ladder matches and taking extreme amounts of punishment and when all was said and done, Owens pulled down the briefcase to (hopefully) end McMahon's reign of terror since turning on The Miz before WrestleMania 35.

The match was filled with the usual dangerous spots from McMahon like Coast to Coast and his usual jump to the announce table from the ring post:

But McMahon absorbed just as much punishment during the match and no amount of ladders were safe during the race to fire the opposition.

Owens kick-started a babyface run earlier this year after 'Mania when he lambasted Shane McMahon during a now-infamous pipe bomb promo. He chastised Shane for referring to himself as the Best in the World and he blamed him for taking away television time from other SmackDown stars.

Things got really bad that every time McMahon came to the ring for a match, it was only a matter of time before someone would interfere on his behalf. It became a low point in WWE and many stars like Ali, Liv Morgan, Buddy Murphy, and Asuka were losing TV time due to McMahon's overbearing presence.

Owens originally challenged McMahon to a big match at SummerSlam and promised to quit the WWE if he lost. The only problem was that nothing was on the line for McMahon in that match and even though Owens prevailed, the match was a lop-sided affair.


Fast forward almost two months and the two Superstars finally had a match with consequences for both men. After McMahon fired Owens for doing his job as a referee in the finals of the King of the Ring tournament, Owens brought a lawsuit against McMahon for wrongful termination.

To save face and end the feud for good, an agreement was made that the loser of their ladder match would be terminated from WWE. Since Owens had already 'quit' or been fired a few times, it wasn't his time. McMahon had to go away since his constant involvement was holding some of the roster back instead of helping push a couple of stars.

Luckily, Owens was able to survive a pretty brutal ladder match with McMahon and pull down the briefcase. Both men pulled out all of the stops (and ladders), and McMahon took as much punishment as Owens which is something that is he should be lauded for doing. Owens capped off his firing of McMahon with a stunner.

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