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WWE News: Kevin Sullivan talks about the chances of WWE letting Hulk Hogan return

Johny Payne
Modified 09 Nov 2017, 03:03 IST

What’s the story?

In a recent interview with Hannibal TV, ex-WCW booker Kevin Sullivan insinuated that he isn’t positive about the likelihood of the WWE bringing Hulk Hogan back.

Additionally, Sullivan attributed the WWE’s stance of distancing itself from Hogan, primarily to Linda McMahon’s political career.

In case you didn’t know…

Hulk Hogan was caught using racial slurs in a leaked tape that also saw him engage in promiscuous activities with close friend Bubba The Love Sponge’s wife.

The tape went viral a few years ago, and Hogan sued the company, Gawker, which was responsible for publicizing it. The Hulkster was awarded millions as compensation by court orders. 

The heart of the matter

Speaking of which, former pro-wrestler and WCW personality Kevin Sullivan explained why he feels WWE won’t bring back Hulk Hogan,

"I think if there's one tape out there, there may be another…But the main thing is, because Linda McMahon is in the cabinet, she's the head of the Small Business Administration, I don't think they need any more heat.”

He then went on to point out that the WWE is concerned about their image.

“All you need today is for one person to say it, take something out of context. And they're very, very concerned about their public image now, and rightfully so."

Furthermore, Sullivan also commented on Hogan engaging in adultery with Bubba’s wife; emphasizing that the whole situation surrounding the tape and Hogan engaging in the activities that he did was bizarre.

What’s next?

The WWE removed all acknowledgement pertaining to Hulk Hogan from its Network; that includes the Hall of Fame, merchandise, video games, so on and so forth.

On that other hand, Hogan recently stated that he wouldn’t be sure about returning, should the WWE call him back sometime in the future.

Author’s take

Hulk Hogan has been public enemy number-1 since his comments on the aforementioned leaked tape. Regardless, it’s best for fans and HH himself to move on from that fiasco.

Sullivan makes valid points as regards Linda McMahon’s political position being a hindrance for WWE to bring the Hulkster back. If the WWE ropes in HH now, the opposition will most definitely attack Vince’s wife’s using the ammunition, and impede her political career.   

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Published 09 Nov 2017, 03:03 IST
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