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WWE News: Kofi Kingston comments on race relations

Kofi Kingston says that the comment doesn't come from a place of malice, spite, or gloating.

New Day teaches us a lesson on racial relations

WWE Superstar Kofi Kingston recently spoke to Josh Barnett of Ftw.usatoday.com, where the two talked about Kingston’s stance on race relations. Kingston’s tag team partner, Big E posted a photo on Twitter of the New Day, RAW Women’s Champion Sasha Banks and Cruiserweight Champion Rich Swann that created a lot of buzz on social media.

The photo was posted with a hashtag #BLACKEXCELLENCE, and Kingston commented on the Tweet, “It does not come from a place of malice, spite, or gloating. It comes from a place of joy and a place of happiness.”

When asked about his response on the issue of creating race relations, Kingston replied that there is a lot of negativity surrounding the issue. He further went on to explain his predicament by appealing to people to look at the positive side of the things.

The upholder of 'power of positivity' further added that it is a very constructive time for the African-Americans, he noted that the United States had come a long way as a nation, and racial profiling is a thing of past. Kingston believes that having five POC (People of Color) Champions is a testament to the prosperity and general growth of the industry and society as a whole.

He confessed to being proud of it and thinks that the post serves as a guiding light and shining example to the people who believe that African-Americans can’t get ahead because of the colour of their skin.

Kingston added that his words not only apply to his race but any race in general. He maintains that a person can achieve anything no matter what colour they are. The former Intercontinental Champion deduced it as their (New Day and WWE Superstars) responsibility to instil in people a sense of belief and to let everybody know that they can have success regardless of their race or background.

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