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WWE News: Kofi Kingston makes light-hearted Money in the Bank Briefcase jab at WWE

Daniel Wood
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Kofi Kingston really should have won a MITB match right?
Kofi Kingston really should have won a MITB match, right?

What's the story?

WWE Superstar Kofi Kingston recently got his hands on the Money in the Bank briefcase! Unfortunately, it wasn't one that he had won in a Money in the Bank Ladder match, he was just allowed to hold Carmella's first ever women's Money in the Bank briefcase.

This was something that wasn't lost on Kingston who used the opportunity to take a small jab at the WWE for not letting him win the important ladder match.

In case you didn't know...

Kingston is only one title away from being a Grand Slam Champion in the WWE, given the length of his run with the WWE and his in-ring performances over the years.

The problem is that the title Kingston needs is either the WWE or Universal Title meaning that Kofi would need another main event push to get there. Or, as Kingston is probably aware in the above video, a MITB briefcase would prove useful.

The heart of the matter

The video was shared on Big E's Twitter is to promote the New Day's attempts to recruit Carmella for the Mixed Match Challenge. The New Day didn't pass up the opportunity to make a meta-comment on the fact that Kingston hasn't gotten anywhere near the MITB Briefcase or a major singles world title.

During the exchange, Kofi Kingston asks Carmella if he can hold her MITB briefcase. When he has it in his hands he says

This is the closest I'll actually get to ever touching one

before all three members of The New Day and Carmella pointedly look at the camera.

What's next?

I'm getting the distinct impression that the WWE are positioning the New Day to remain as a team but take a break away from the tag-team division to support each other in pursuing their singles wrestling careers.

Kingston is hinting at future MITB success and Xavier Woods is campaigning for the United States Title as he's in the tournament on SmackDown LIVE.

Author's take

I don't think there'll be many people out there who feel that Kofi Kingston doesn't deserve some main event singles success given his in-ring ability, loyalty to the company and exciting spots, including his annual Royal Rumble survival tradition. Hopefully, we'll see this one day.

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