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WWE News: Kofi Kingston on his toughest Royal Rumble save

Johny Payne
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Kofi KIngston has a penchant for puling off the unthinkable in his Royal Rumble performances
Kofi Kingston has a penchant for pulling off the unthinkable in his Royal Rumble performances

What’s the story?

During an appearance on The Buzz Adams Morning Show, Kofi Kingston opened up on a myriad of topics.

Kingston spoke about The New Day’s creativity as well as how they constantly come up with new merchandise. Besides, Kingston also revealed his toughest Royal Rumble save.

In case you didn’t know…

Kofi Kingston is widely regarded as one of the agilest high-flyers in the WWE.

Despite his size, compared to most other WWE Superstars, Kingston compensates for the same in terms of speed, athleticism & balance—as evident by the multiple occasions he’s pulled off highly-demanding stunts during Royal Rumble matches to save himself from being eliminated, despite having been thrown out of the ring over the top rope.

The heart of the matter

Kofi Kingston explained that when The New Day gimmick first came to the fore, he, Xavier Woods & Big E were simply trying to save their spot on the WWE roster. Additionally, most of the ideas they’d pitch would get rejected, however, eventually management gained confidence in them and allowed them to go forward with their ideas & innovations. Woods revealed the trampoline skills that he honed during his younger days, which resulted in an addition of the beloved musical instrument “Francesca” to The New Day’s arsenal.

Kingston added that The New Day is now in the Pancake Era, and their next merchandise idea is going to revolve around pancakes. Kingston continued that the man who prepares their pancakes is known as Mr. Bootyworth—a person who they haven’t revealed to the world yet.

Furthermore, Kingston recalled that his toughest Royal Rumble save was the one in 2012 where he had to pull off the handstand after The Miz threw him out the ring—with Kingston then walking on his hands and getting back to the safety of the ringside steel steps. Kingston stated—

“This year, I just got knocked out of the ring and Xavier (Woods) sacrificed himself and then him and Big E sacrificed themselves and threw me back into the ring. I didn't do anything on that. I got thrown out of the ring one time by Adam Rose and then I landed on his Rosebuds, which they then threw me back in the ring, so again, I didn't do anything with that. Another time, I was riding on Big E's shoulders, so again, he's giving me a ride, I'm not the one doing any of the work, but I get a lot of the credit, which should mostly go towards those that help me, but they are definitely a lot of fun during Royal Rumble season."


What’s next?

The New Day presently perform on WWE’s SmackDown brand and are regarded as one of the WWE’s top Tag Teams/stables today.

Fans can expect The New Day to continue their pursuit of the blue brand’s Tag Team titles later this year—as reigning Champions, The Usos are currently involved in a feud with Shelton Benjamin & Chad Gable.

Author’s take

Honestly speaking, The New Day are perhaps one of the most creative in-ring performers in all of sports-entertainment today.

Besides, when one has as much talent as Kofi Kingston, which team wouldn’t reach the upper echelons…So, don’t you dare be sour, and feel the power. 

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