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WWE News: Kofi Kingston plans on winning the Royal Rumble

Kofi Kingston has his sights on headlining WrestleMania 33

Kofi Kingston using two ladders as stilts during a match at WrestleMania

What’s the story?

Every year, the Royal Rumble gives the fans exciting surprises, and shocking returns. However, there are typically only a few people who have a chance to win the match, even though WWE promotes it as anyone being able to leave victorious. One person who has made the best out of the Royal Rumble is Kofi Kingston. Instead of simply being a part of the match and subsequently being eliminated. Kingston makes his presnce known by alluding elimination via saving himself in some acrobatic way. During a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Kingston has his eyes set higher than just a fun save from elimination. 

In case you didn’t know...

Kofi Kingston is celebrating nearly 10 years of competing under the WWE umbrella. The 35-year-old former United States and Intercontinental Champion first started with the ECW promotion, before getting sent to Raw during the supplemental draft. After a few occasions of him potentially breaking the glass ceiling and ascending to main event status, he never managed to reach that point. However, he has experienced arguably the best time of his career, being a member of The New Day and breaking the record as the longest reigning tag team champion of all time. 

The heart of the matter 

Kingston will most likely never reach main event status or win the Royal Rumble, but the WWE veteran has certainly paid his dues to deserve an opportunity. Kingston told Rolling Stone his quest to win the 30-man elimination match. 

“The best trick of all would be to actually win the Rumble. Hopefully [New Day] all get in there at the same time. I think we'd pretty much be able to run the table.”

Sportskeeda’s Take 

While there is a slim to no chance of Kingston ever winning a Royal Rumble match, his appearance every year leaves the fans wondering what he is going to do next. Last year, Kingston had Big E at ringside to help him avoid elimination. The New Day as a unit will all be participants of the match, so it will be interesting what tricks the trio have up their sleeves this year. 

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