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WWE News: Kofi Kingston reveals that the New Day told Vince McMahon they'd make anything work

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The New Day has become one of the best teams in WWE history
The New Day has become one of the best teams in WWE history

What's the story?

The New Day has been one of the top tag teams in WWE for over the last few years. Although things started off rockily, Kofi Kingston just wanted to work with Big E and Xavier Woods no matter what.

He spoke with the Canton Rep about conversations the New Day had with Vince McMahon before the group debuted on TV. carried the transcript of Kingston's interview.

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In case you missed it . . .

Before they became the five-time, pancake-shilling tag team that we know today, the New Day had an awkward beginning as a group.

They first seemed like they might be a group similar to the Nation of Domination. They also started off their tenure together as heels.

But as WWE fans now know, all that it took for the New Day to get to where they are now was certainly worth it. They've all worked hard to justify their spots in WWE.

The heart of the matter

Kingston spoke with the Canton Rep about the fact that the trio was willing to do whatever it took to work with each other.

"From the very inception of New Day, we told Vince McMahon no matter what he gave us we would be able to make it work, because we believe in the chemistry we had,” said Kofi. 

Of course getting the Chairman's okay on an idea isn't always an easy thing to do as Kingston relayed the process it took to convince McMahon to go along with their ideas.

"Going back and forth with Vince, we had a very different idea of what we wanted it to be. The idea he came back with, we said, ‘OK, he’s really gonna test us on this guarantee we gave him of making anything he gave us work. But we just kept doing it, and we evoked a lot of emotion from people, and really, that was what it was all about. Eventually, we kind of got to do what we first wanted, and over time it turned into what it is now.”

Whatever the group told McMahon must have truly convinced him as the New Day has won a WWE tag team championship on five separate occasions. Kofi Kingston also holds the record for the longest consecutive time as a tag team champion.

What's next?

Although the New Day, along with the Usos and the Bar, have seemed to dominate both Raw and/or SmackDown, they always deliver in their matches and their promos.

Despite his goofy nature at times, Big E would be a good choice to be a major champion in WWE one day soon
Despite his goofy nature at times, Big E would be a good choice to be a major champion in WWE one day soon

If they failed to do so with either, they wouldn't constantly be hovering around the tag team title scene. The group must be held in such high regard with McMahon that he allowed them to 'host' WrestleMania one year.

They're also allowed freedom in their promos which helps give their words more credibility. Hopefully, one of the New Day gets a real serious singles push in the future because they've done all they could for the tag team division.