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WWE News: Konnan opens up on Jinder Mahal's 'real heat'

Johny Payne
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Jinder Mahal has real heat in the pro-wrestling world today, according to Konnan
Jinder Mahal is the 50th Champion in WWE history

What’s the story?

On the recent edition of The Ross Report, Konnan has asserted that Jinder Mahal has real heat in the industry today.

Konnan said, "Jinder Mahal has real heat; more heat than anybody. People were talking about how he wasn't used well the first time around he was in WWE and now he is up here in today's world of great work rate, you have to be in the same conversation of an AJ Styles or Samoa Joe. Some of them, they don't like his work rate so that gives him some real heat."

In case you didn’t know…

Konnan is a veteran of the professional wrestling business and is perhaps best known to fans for his time in WCW as part of the nWo.

The 53-year old has also served as a creative consultant and commentator apart from wrestling extensively over the years.

The heart of the matter

Konnan elucidated that out of all the current RAW and SmackDown Superstars, Elias is his favorite. The stalwart also added that he loves the way Elias insults the crowd before praising the latter’s delivery and timing.

Konnan also praised the WWE for popularizing several innovative concepts in pro-wrestling such as vignettes, putting people over, making Superstars, and much more. However, he continued that the WWE could take its product to the next level by hiring a few better writers.

What’s next?

Konnan presently works with Impact Wrestling; managing LAX (The Latin American Xchange).

Meanwhile, several pro-wrestling pundits believe that the WWE now plans to have Jinder Mahal as a mid-card talent rather than a main event attraction. Mahal has now qualified for the second round of the ongoing WWE United States Championship tournament.


Author’s take

Irrespective of the heat against Jinder Mahal today, one can’t deny that the man had his time at the top, and made the very best use of it.

Mahal’s reign as WWE Champion will most definitely age well. Although he may not have the greatest ‘work-rate’, he did possess a strong personality and aura as WWE Champion. 

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