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WWE News: Konnan says racism in wrestling has reduced over the years

The Superstar says racism in the WWE isn't as prevalent as it used to be in its initial years.


There has been immense criticism in the world of professional wrestling when it comes to perceived racism in the WWE. The talk about racism in the industry started with the incident involving Alberto Del Rio, who was fired for lashing out at a WWE executive, who directed a racial slur at him.

However, wrestling legend Konnan, who recently appeared on the Main Event Radio, says that racism has comparatively lessened over the years in the WWE, and is nowhere near what it actually used to be in its initial years.

When on the show, he said,

“I would say, compared to when I was in the business, yes, it has diminished. We are a reflection of the society. In society, it’s still there, but it’s not as bad as it used to be. Look at all the African Americans that are in the business today, as compared to before. The New Day, Apollo Crews, the Latinos, which they haven’t done a good job since they lost Mysterio and Del Rio they haven’t been able to make a Latino superstar. However, they're finally opening their eyes. It has gotten better, but it still has a way to go.”

 In WWE, there has always been prevalent racism in the storylines. The whole idea behind it was that professional wrestling was supposed to act as a mirror, creating storylines that surrounded the issues predominant in the world at that point in time, one of which was racism.

However, wrestlers have more often than not, felt that racism in the WWE existed behind the scenes as well. Talking about the future dynamics of this problem and how the WWE is now trying to push minorities to the top of the business, the former AAA, WCW, WWE and TNA superstar said,

“When in 2040 the majority-minority in this country will be Hispanics, where neither the TNA or WWE has any Latinos in positions of power, be it an agent, producer, a writer or an executive, then they’re still behind the curve. I’d put an African American in the same boat. They’re doing a good job, going global, and are finally smartening in that sense. Now we need to see us in the positions of power.”

In the past, many other WWE stars have talked about their struggles with racism in the industry, like former wrestler Kamala, who spent his entire career playing an African savage.

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