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WWE News: Kurt Angle says he was let down by Lesnar vs. Goldberg at Survivor Series

Kurt Angle understands the logic behind the duration of the bout but still feels let down by it.

 Angle was let down by the short match that we saw take place at Survivor Series between Brock Lesnar and Goldberg

What’s the story?

Kurt Angle is making his return to the WWE for a Hall Of Fame induction, as he will be headlining the 2017 HOF class prior to Wrestlemania 33 from Orlando, Florida later this year.

Angle recently spoke to The Statement Show to discuss the current state of the WWE and pointed to the match between Brock Lesnar and Goldberg at Survivor Series as one of the biggest let downs he’s seen in the WWE thus far.

In case you didn’t know...

Angle left for TNA after his departure from WWE, suffering from several demons including a severe stint with drug abuse. Now Angle has seemed to get his life back together and has been rewarded with one of the most coveted honours in professional wresting history – the WWE Hall Of Fame.

The heart of the matter:

Here’s what Angle had to say about the match between Lesnar and Goldberg at Survivor Series (courtesy of Still Realtous):

“It could have been a 12, 15-minute match, but I think that they also have to understand, and I think the fans have to understand this, Goldberg hasn’t been around for what, 12, 13, 14 years? They don’t know if he’s capable of 15 minutes. And not that Goldberg can’t. I’m sure he can, but they weren’t sure and the biggest bang for their buck is to go with what the old Goldberg used to do. And what did the old Goldberg used to do? Two minutes every match. So I get why they did it, but I think that maybe Brock wasn’t the right person, but it was a shocker and that’s a good thing. But I can see both sides. I think it was a big letdown that that match was a minute-and-a-half, but it’s Goldberg and that’s what he did and that’s how he became a big name.”

What’s next?

As for the rivalry between Lesnar and Goldberg, it took the next step after the former WCW champ easily eliminated ‘The Beast’ from the Royal Rumble match this past month. Now Lesnar has challenged Goldberg to a match at Wrestlemania, and rumour has it that the Universal Title will be on the line as well.

Sportskeeda’s take

A match between Lesnar and Goldberg would make sense, however, Goldberg would have to be the champion going into WrestleMania, and Lesnar would need to go over in order to help build him up going forward.

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