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WWE News: Kurt Angle reveals he took 65 Vicodin a day during the peak of his addiction

The Olympic Gold medalist opens up about his demons of addiction some years ago.

Kurt Angle’s 2006 WWE departure is more complicated than most thought

When Kurt Angle left WWE in 2006, he had been battling severe addiction. Most people don’t know just how complicated the story of his departure is, and why WWE may still possibly have a grudge against him. 

On the Dan LeBatard Show, the Olympic Gold Medalist revealed that he was on 65 Vicodin a day during the peak of his addiction. He said the following:

"I was on a lot -- there was no way I couldn't get out of it. The only thing I could do was eventually go to rehab and try to fix my life again. But I actually beat it on my own. I stayed in my house for about 10 days and didn't leave, and I was able to get through the withdrawal."

Angle stated that he left WWE in 2006 because he wanted to sign a part-time deal while WWE wanted to sign him full time

"The thing is, everybody drank down there [in TNA]. So I started drinking with my meds. And then I started manipulating my meds. I would save all of them until the evening, and drink it with alcohol. And it got me in a lot of trouble -- four DUIs in five years."

He said that the last of the DUIs in 2013 finally gave him a wake-up call to go to Rehab:

"I finally got the right help.I tried to do it myself, but when you're that deep into that stuff, you can't do it on your own. You need somebody else's help, and I finally reached out and I did what I had to do to get it done.

"It was the worst seven days of my life as well. I went through detox again. That time it stuck. You can't do anything; you can't think; you're in constant pain; your body's shaking. You don't wanna eat; you don't wanna do anything; you feel like you're gonna die. It's the worst pain you've ever had in your life. And I went through it twice."

Angle said that he has since been clean for 3 years. He now wrestles in the independent scene. When the WWE draft was looming, there were heavy rumours of Angle returning to WWE. However, it looks like that is not the plan for now. Angle can only wrestle a light schedule due to all the wear and tear accumulated over the 18 years of wrestling. 

Would you like to see Angle return to WWE?

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