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WWE News: Kurt Angle reveals that Women's Elimination Chamber Match is in the works

Austin Hough
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What's the story?

In a recent Q&A on Facebook, a user asked Raw General Manager Kurt Angle why a women's Elimination Chamber match hasn't occurred yet to which Angle confirmed that it will happen in the future.

In case you didn't know...

The Elimination Chamber match is one of the more gruesome matches WWE puts on every year. Created in 2002, it features six men competing in a gigantic caged structure. Two men start the match, with the other four in pods around the ring.

Every five minutes, one competitor is released from a pod at random until all six participants are in the match. The last man standing wins the match. It's usually used to determine champions or number one contenders for titles.

Every Elimination Chamber match in WWE history has featured only men. This was the same for Hell in a Cell and Money in the Bank matches as well.

With the recent women's revolution, though, women have been given opportunities to compete in these types of matches. The first women's Hell in a Cell match took place in 2016, while a women's Money in the Bank match took place this past July.

The heart of the matter

With women getting new opportunities to shine in the spotlight, an Elimination Chamber match seemed like the natural next step.

Angle confirmed that on his Facebook Q and A this week. When asked "Why haven't we seen an all women's elimination chamber match for the Raw women's champion title belt?", the Olympic Gold Medalist responded, "Patience. You will."

What's next?

The Elimination Chamber pay-per-view is usually saved as the last PPV before Wrestlemania.

While there is no set date for the show yet, February 17 or 24, 2018 may be when the event is held. No announcement yet on where the show will take place as well.

Author's take

This feels like the next progression in the women's revolution. It would be very interesting to see this type of match happen, and I think there would be a lot of buzz around it. As long as it's booked well, people will be happy.

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