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WWE News: Kurt Angle says he’s not finished with wrestling, may work with the WWE

Angle feels like he hasn't got the proper goodbye yet.

Angle claimed he is currently not at liberty to speak about when he will wrestle again

What’s the story?

In a recent conversation with Busted Open Radio, former WWE and TNA superstar Kurt Angle revealed that he is still not done with wrestling and thinks that he may do it for the WWE.

In case you didn’t know…

Although he may not be associated with any major promotion at the moment, Kurt Angle has been wrestling quite a lot as an independent wrestler. Soon after he left TNA in March last year, he competed against former WWE associate Rey Mysterio for a promotion named URFight.

Apart from that, he also wrestled Zack Sabre Jr. for Revolution Pro Wrestling and Cody Rhodes for Northeast Wrestling. Angle’s last match came in November last year against Joe Coffey for Insane Championship Wrestling.

The heart of the matter

According to Kurt Angle, he is certainly not done with wrestling irrespective of whether he works with the WWE or not. He claimed that he is not in a position to speak about it what he will be doing but assured that he and Triple H haven’t yet had any talk about him wrestling for the WWE after his Hall of Fame induction.

Here’s what ‘The Wrestling Machine’ told Busted Open Radio:

“I'm not done. Whether I do something with WWE or not, I'm not done wrestling. I will be soon, I just don't feel like I got the proper goodbye yet. Hopefully it will come down the road soon. ... I'm not at liberty to talk about it but I can seriously be honest right now and say that Triple H and I did not have a discussion about wrestling after WrestleMania yet. But do I think it will happen? Yes. Do I know for sure? No.”

What next?

Kurt Angle was rumoured to be making an entry into the Royal Rumble match this year but it didn’t happen and a match at WrestleMania 33 also looks pretty much out of the picture at present. So we certainly have to wait and watch how the WWE are planning to re-introduce Angle to in-ring action.

Sportskeeda’s Take

Considering that Kurt Angle was involved in wrestling just a few months back, one can be confident that he will easily be able to work one or more matches with the WWE. However, it will all depend on what Angle is offered and if he is willing to accept it.

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