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WWE News: Kurt Angle speaks about Cody Rhodes' departure from WWE and the Indy wrestling circuit

6.64K   //    10 Nov 2016, 13:41 IST
Kurt Angle claims to be making big money in the Indy circuit

Olympic gold medallist and former WWE superstar, Kurt Angle, was a guest on ‘The Steve Austin Show’ and discussed his career and the current wrestling scene with 'the Texas Rattlesnake'. One of the prominent topics that came up during the show was the departure of 2nd generation superstar, Cody Rhodes, from the WWE.

Speaking about it, Angle said that he could understand why he left and also predicted that Cody would eventually return to the business. According to the former WWE World Heavyweight champion, the Superstar has just taken a much-needed break, from the biggest house in the pro-wrestling business to discover himself. Here’s what he said:

“Well, I have always believed in his talent. I think I understand why he left. I don’t think he’s going to be gone from there forever. I think that he will eventually go back there. I just think he wanted a break, and wanted to do something where he could just find himself.”

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The former TNA superstar is of the opinion that Rhodes’ Stardust gimmick, during his last few months in the company, was not allowed to grow the way he wanted it. Moreover, despite making appearances week-after-week, the young superstar was stuck in one place, and the WWE did not see him where he felt he should be.

“I think that in WWE, he was doing what they wanted him to do, and I know he wanted to elaborate more on the Stardust character. It seemed that [while] watching [the programme], he was on TV every week so I give WWE credit for that, but I just didn’t see him progressing in the ranks, I just saw him continue to be where he was. I don’t think they saw him where he thought he should be, and there will be a lot of people that agree with Cody on that.

Another topic that came up during the show was the current Indy (independent) wrestling scene, of which Angle is a part. According to the iconic wrestler, things there, are almost as good as the WWE.

Angle stated, “I think that right now, I really believe the indy scene is just about good as WWE. I wouldn’t say completely, because obviously, WWE is the cream of the crop. Don’t get me wrong; WWE is heavy on recruiting. They have a lot of talent, but the indy scene is not that much worse.”

The TNA Hall of Famer also elaborated on the big money that the Indy circuit is being able to garner, especially in the UK. He claimed that he had never imagined that he would be able to earn so much by wrestling on the independent scene.


“It’s crazy; the indy scene is doing really well, especially in the UK, Scotland. They’re getting about 4-7,000 fans. They are live streaming their PPVs. The money is incredible, especially for an indy show. Wrestling right now is really good no matter where you are. I never thought I would make the money I am making wrestling on the indy scene,” Kurt Angle explained.

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