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WWE News: Kurt Angle talks about whether or not WWE should turn Roman Reigns heel 

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Could a heel turn be in Roman Reigns' future?
Could a heel turn be in Roman Reigns' future?

What's the story?

Kurt Angle recently took part in a Facebook Question and Answer session where the topic of Roman Reigns was brought up when he was asked whether or not the former World Champion should be turned heel.

In case you didn't know...

Roman Reigns has been Vince McMahon's project ever since The Shield split almost four years ago when it was hoped that he would become the face of the company when John Cena departed, but the WWE Universe hasn't been as accepting of Reigns as the future.

Recently, it has seemed as though even the company have begun to give up on Reigns given his back to back losses, Brock Lesnar, last month and the fact that Braun Strowman seems to be slowly turning into "The Guy" which could leave the company with one option.

The heart of the matter

Raw General Manager was recently asked as part of a Facebook Q&A whether or not he thought WWE should turn Reigns heel.

“Yes and no. The fans continue to respond to Roman…whether it’s a positive or negative response. Fans CARE about him. Whether he stays face or turns heel, he will always be “the guy”. He gets a huge response every time he comes out to the stage. It’s called popularity. And he’s really good. ”

It appears that WWE could be happy for Reigns to gain any kind of reaction whether it's positive or negative.

What's next?

Despite his recent losses to Brock Lesnar, it is thought that WWE could be set to continue pushing Reigns as a babyface moving forward since he's recently opened up a feud with Jinder Mahal.

Author's take

Roman Reigns should have turned heel the night after he defeated The Undertaker, that was the perfect moment, there was a lot of hatred for the former World Champion at that point but WWE decided against it and now there is no momentum. Reigns as a heel would be much easier to watch than him as a babyface, but it's hard to see WWE finding a better time for a turn anytime in the near future.

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