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WWE News: Kurt Angle wants CM Punk to wrestle again

The WWE Hall Of Famer wants Punk to do 'what he does best', once again.

News 17 Jul 2017, 10:30 IST
Find out what Kurt Angle said about CM Punk in a Facebook Q&A session

What’s the story?

Kurt Angle was part of an interactive session on his Facebook page, where he answered questions by fans. When one fan asked what the future holds for CM Punk with regard to a return to professional wrestling and his current MMA career, here is what the Olympic Gold Medalist had to say about him.

In case you didn’t know...

CM Punk is the most recognisable WWE Superstar of WWE’s modern era, who catapulted to fame after a pipe bomb that blurred the lines between kayfabe and reality. He parted from the company in 2014, on rather bitter terms based on a variety of reasons and set foot in the octagon at UFC 203, as a Mixed Martial Arts fighter. Punk succumbed to his opponent, Gall in a little more than 2 minutes and while he’s expressed his desire to never return to wrestling, fans have been clamouring for a return as well.

The Raw GM seemed to echo the sentiments of the WWE Universe, as he made a statement we’ve detailed right below. 

The heart of the matter

When a fan asked Kurt Angle about the future of CM Punk in both wrestling and MMA, the Olympic gold medalist did not mince his words:

"I hope he comes back. I think his MMA career is over. He needs to go back to what he does best!"

It would certainly be interesting to hear Punk’s response to these comments if he were to hear them. We have a feeling he wouldn't take too kindly to them.

What's next?

Kurt Angle is embroiled in a kayfabe scandal, the details of which shall seemingly be made public this week on Raw. As for CM Punk, we certainly have no clue what's next for him.

Author's note

CM Punk has no interest left in professional wrestling and really wants to carve his path in the world of MMA, from what we know. Certainly, bridges can be mended and we can hope to see him in WWE again in the future. For the time being, we think he's content with where he is. We’re far more likely to see Kurt Angle step into the ring again than Punk.

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