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WWE News: Kurt Angle's brother faces upto 10 years in prison for killing his wife

The tragedy happened in September 2015

Kurt and David

Though not completely in the realm of pro-wrestling, the death of Donna Angle, former WWE Champion Kurt Angle’s sister-in-law, sent shockwaves around the IWC. The Olympic gold medallist’s brother, David, was charged with the murder, which occurred in September 2015.

The 63-year-old plead guilty to charges of voluntary manslaughter over charges of homicide, as his wife’s death, though tragic, was unintentional. As David told police, he got into an argument with his wife after declining her offer of a drink. 

Things escalated soon, with Donna trying to kick him and he placing his knees on her chest and pulling back her arms to subdue her. Unfortunately, she lost consciousness and never came to.

Defense attorney Bill Diffenderfer described the incident saying, “"It was really a product of alcohol. And there was a domestic fight where she started smacking him and he stopped her from doing that. His knees were on her chest and basically she suffocated. And he was intoxicated as well and it was almost accidental."

David is currently being held in the Allegheny County Jail while awaiting sentencing on September 20th . He faces upto ten years in prison, but according to Diffenderfer, the sentence will likely be around two years. 

This is what Kurt Angle tweeted when the story broke last year:

"This has been a very trying time for everyone in my family. We ask that you respect our privacy to mourn our loss. I love my family very much and will support them every way I can."

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