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WWE News:  Lana talks about carving her own path in the WWE and why she isn't managing Rusev any longer

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Lana has seen a fair amount of action inside the ring in 2017...

What's the story? is reporting on a recent interview that Lana had with Al Arabiya English. Within the interview, they discussed Lana's current role within the WWE such as making a name for herself in the ring and why she isn't managing Rusev any longer.

In case you didn't know...

Before getting into wrestling, Lana was in a completely different job field. In 2009, she was part of an all-girl musical group called No Means Yes. They released three singles, but the group didn't last long as they disbanded in 2010.

The heart of the matter

In regards to making a name for herself in the WWE, Lana states that her name isn't brought up when it comes to the Women's Revolution. She felt that training and getting in the ring was the way she could be a part of the revolution and she would further explain in the quote below:

If I have to enter into the ring to fight, and to compete, and bring Tamina, or any other women to the top to establish my name, then that’s what I have to do.”

While Lana stated that she loves being paired with her husband Rusev, she wants to make sure she is in the best position to make a name for herself. She would discuss why she no longer manages Rusev with the quote below:

“One of the reasons why I don’t feel like I need to manage him right now is I feel like I’ve taught him everything I need to teach him, and helped him, and everything, and that’s why I have to go use my amazing ravishing ambition with other women to help bring them to the top."

What's next?

For the time being, Lana's in-ring career is on hold as she is looking to take Tamina to the top of the Smackdown Live women's division. Based on their backstage segment on this week's Smackdown, Tamina will have a match as the next step towards that goal.

Author's take...

Not having Lana work with Rusev any longer, along with the lack of a push he's received since returning from injury had me very worried that he wanted out of the WWE, but that doesn't seem to be the case. I strongly believe that both Lana and Rusev are very important to the WWE's future.

To finally see the start of Lana getting a chance in the ring as a wrestler was exciting to me, but unfortunately, that was short-lived for the time being as she's managing Tamina. I feel like she just wants to improve a little more in the ring before having another feud.

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