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WWE News: Lana talks about Wrestling, her Total Divas stint, spending time with Rusev and more

Lana sheds light on Rusev, Total DIvas and talks about her wrestling career.

Lana made her in ring debut at this year’s WrestleMania

The last episode of Monay Night RAW might have paled in comparison to Backlash, but it was an important episode nonetheless. Just a couple of weeks away from RAW’s first exclusive pay per view Clash of Champions,  the episode focused a lot on story telling.

Chris Jericho and Sami Zayn was set up for Clash of Champions, Cesaro kept his hopes alive in the Best of Seven Series, the Shining Stars (Epico) won a match against Enzo, to the digust of the crowd, and Nia Jax mauled Alicia Fox. The episode also marked the return of Rusev and Lana.

Rusev ran in during the main event and deprived Roman Reigns of a title shot at Clash of Champions. He then went on to lock Reigns in the Accolade as Lana looked on approvingly. The show ended with Rusev standing tall.

Rusev’s better half Lana recently spoke to CraveOnline to promote WWE Studios' "Interrogation" that also stars Edge.

The “Ravishing Russian” spoke about a number of issues ranging from wrestling more often, spending leisure time with Rusev and even her Total divas debut. 

She said that she would relish the opportunity to wrestle again when the time was right. She revealed that it was her dream to debut at WrestleMania. A lot of people would laugh at her crazy ideas but she was glad that it actually happened.

She reported that she currently had a lot on her plate with her marriage, honeymoon and Total Divas and once all that passed, she would have a more significant presence in the ring.

She also spoke about snorkelling and scuba diving saying that she and Rusev do it often. She pointed out that Rusev did not like the surfing or swimming but her influence and the Hawaiian ambiance finally got to him. She said about Rusev:

“He's like a little kid with his little snorkel.”

Lana then went on to speak about her appearance on Total Divas. 

“You can expect ratings to go through the roof with Lana on TV.”

She said that she had a great time filming for the show and became good friends with the girls. Lana will appear alongside Renee Young, Maryse and Naomi. She said that she was excited to lift the curtains on the dynamics of her relationship with Rusev. She said that she was expecting people to see another side of Rusev who in her words, is a really funny guy.

She concluded the interview by saying that she wanted to be a voice to people of all ages and encourage them to go for their dreams. She said that she enjoyed performing and entertaining but she also wanted to share her voice on stronger issues and empower women to show that gender should not be a barrier when it comes to chasing dreams.

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