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WWE News: Lars Sullivan makes a devastating debut on WWE RAW

09 Apr 2019, 06:27 IST

Lars Sullivan made quite the impact on WWE RAW
Lars Sullivan made quite the impact on WWE RAW

The WWE RAW after WrestleMania 35 is always a day to look forward to. There are debuts, there are call-ups, there are returns, and there is a raucous WWE Universe to look forward to. Tonight's episode of WWE RAW was no exception. There was a debut on the main roster of a long-awaited athlete, Lars Sullivan, who decided the best way to make his presence felt on RAW was by decimating WWE Hall of Famer and recently retired Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle.

Kurt Angle came out to sort out his differences with Baron Corbin in the ring. The moment he came out, he was greeted by the crowd with a huge pop. Corbin had defeated him at WrestleMania 35 and had brought an underwhelming end to his career.

Angle returned the favor on WWE RAW by hitting Corbin with the Angle Slam, followed by locking in the Ankle Lock, until Corbin was tapping and begging to be let go.

Unfortunately, even though Corbin was dealt with, there was a new danger to Angle.

Lars Sullivan's theme played and he made his way out to the ring. He picked up Angle and slammed him down after standing face-to-face with him. He followed it up by a vicious headbutt from the top rope directly to Angle's heart. He then left him lying in the ring and went to the back.

Lars Sullivan was supposed to make his debut on RAW a long time back but was not able to. He had a panic attack and left the show back in January. It appeared that he would not be making his debut for quite a while, so when he finally made his debut, tonight, it caught the audience by surprise.

Sullivan is a devastating wrestler, and a monster much like Braun Strowman. Unlike Strowman though, his gimmick is far more vicious and merciless.

Coming on to RAW this week, it will be interesting to see what sort of feud he has in later weeks.

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