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WWE News: Late Rick Rude's son killed in a motorcycle accident

Colton Rood dies in an unfortunate accident

Richard Erwin Rick Rood
The Ravishing Rick Rude

This week hasn't been good for families of retired professional wrestlers. First, the news of David Angle, brother of retired pro wrestler Kurt Angle being sentenced to prison for homicide and now the news of the death of Colton Rood, son of late ringside member of DX, Rick Rood (Ravishing Rick Rude).

The 19-year-old Colton died due to injuries he sustained in a motorcycle accident on Floyd Springs Road last week on Saturday, the Rome News Tribune reported. This was, in fact, the second death to occur during the 78-hour Labour Day holiday travel period.

Colton was a resident of 22 Norman Lane in Rome and had graduated in 2015 from Armuchee High School and also had played basketball for the school team. As informed by Chief Deputy Coroner Gene Proctor, the Floyd medical centre pronounced Colton dead at 3:37pm.

According to the Floyd County Police Officer, Rob Hunton, Rood was traveling south on Floyd Springs Road on a 2014 Yamaha 950 motorcycle when a 2010 silver Toyota Camry turned into his path at around 2:50 p.m. The Camry was being driven by Tonita Jo Rudd, 58, a resident of Kennesaw who was northbound and was trying to turn left when the collision happened.

She is in jail on a 2,600$ bond and has been charged with misdemeanor vehicular homicide and failure to yield. “We ask the drivers to be wary”, Hunton said. “It is the holiday weekend and more cars and motorcycles are on the road.”

Rood's body will be sent to GBI crime lab for an autopsy. This is a routine 'fact finding' standard procedure when a driver is charged with a crime. The fatal crash was one of many wrecks emergency calls made on Saturday, along with sick calls, natural deaths, and other injuries.

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