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WWE News: Latest poll shows just how unpopular Roman Reigns is with WWE fans

Roman Reigns wins the worst wrestler of the year award.

Roman Reigns still can’t get on the good side of fans

What’s the story?

In a recent poll conducted by NoDQ.com, WWE Superstar and current United States Champion, Roman Reigns, was crowned the Worst Wrestler of the Year. A large section of the WWE Universe voted for Reigns as the worst superstar, and he won garnering 31% of the votes followed by Eva Marie in a close second position with 27% votes.

Reigns also emerged as the winner in the Most Overutilized Star of the Year. category. Roman’s misery does not end here. His WrestleMania match with Triple H was awarded as the Worst Match of the Year gaining 32% of the total votes.

In case you didn’t know...

NoDQ.com hosted the end of the year poll on their website. Thousands of fans participated in the poll which marked the 17th time the website conducted the polls. 

The heart of the matter

Roman received 1229 votes out of a total 4019 votes narrowly beating Eva Marie who had 1094 votes 

Many critics have targeted the website after the polls terming it as unprofessional and biased. However, the fans were the main reason behind selecting the winners, and the site is using the votes to reflect the current sentiments of the WWE Universe.

Current WWE champion, AJ Styles took away top laurels with Superstar of the Year, Breakout Star of the Year, Best Finisher of the Year, Feud of the Year and Headline of the Year.

What’s next?

Roman Reigns will definitely take these polls in his stride as he walks into the Royal Rumble looking to lay claim to the WWE Universal Championship against Kevin Owens. Roman has been the poster boy for the WWE for the most part of 2016 and it is certain that Vince McMahon will keep Roman as the centerpiece of the WWE for the foreseeable future.

Sportskeeda’s take

Roman Reigns’ career has become a point of debate among fans. Many believe that a heel turn is necessary for The Big Dog, while other think that a reunion with his Shield buddies can turn his fortunes. However, the WWE Universe has been very critical of Roman’s performance this year, more so, as the WWE creative shoved him down the throats of fans. The results of these polls only reflect the fact that Roman is still not liked by a majority of the adult fans and needs a drastic change to make things work in his favor. 

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